Send Unlimited SMS per day : Ban on Bulk SMS/ MMS Removed

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A long back ago, I wrote a post about TRAI announcing unlimited SMS per day. But, the information was not confirmed at that time. Now, the officials and ministers have made it live. Now, the ban on bulk SMS/ MMS per day has been removed and people can send unlimited SMS/ MMS per day. The ban was made long back with 200 messages per day but later, due to rumors spreading around the world through SMS about violence in Assam. On August 17, the government made a rule that a mobile user can only send 5 SMS per day and also, he can't share more than 20 KB of data through mobile phone. But later, on August 23rd, it was said that people can send more than 20 SMS per day.

Those limits were like limiting the speech of a person in a country. Government might have implemented this due to bad rumors spreading through SMS. With this effect normal people who use SMS for personal comnication are also affected. The freedom or right to speech is disabled by implementing this.

Unlimited SMS per day - Remove ban on Bulk SMS


I would recommend you to read the previous post which I posted on this when TRAI made unlimited SMS per day. The news is confirmed.

The service providers like BSNL, Vodafone, Aircel, AirTel and more currently provides SMS booster plans based with the basis of 200 SMS per day. But, after this effect which was made today, the mobile carriers or service providers must update their booster and add on packs. I wish, they would.

People who like animations and music can now send unlimited MMS. This news must have made most of the youngsters a good tone because, wherever you could see a college mate or a youngster, he/ she will be texting or SMSing their friends.

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