Technology in 2016 That You Can Expect

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2015 has been a great year for technology changes and every year we could see rapid changes as lot of researchers and companies are working on it. Similarly, we should see big changes that can occur in technology as several big giants have plans on releasing various devices. New Android smartphones and devices that are innovative are to be released in the year 2016. You can expect a lot of below listed technology in 2016.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is the most innovative device that the company has ever built. It is based on virtual reality where you can wear the device and simulate environment in the existing environment. HoloLens is not about replacing the entire environment but adds up to your environment. Here is a video about HoloLens from Microsoft. This is expected to be released in early 2016.

[youtube aThCr0PsyuA]


Fully Foldable Smartphone from Samsung

In a recent rumor, Samsung is trying to make a fully foldable smartphone and will probably be announced in 2016. The project is said to be Samsung Project V.  The rumored smartphone is expected to run on Snapdragon 820 processor and 3 GB of memory. The price should be high when it comes to market.

Heat Pipe on Motorola Devices

Motorola devices have already won the customers' trust in the past year with the release of Moto G/E/X. The company has planned to implement a heat pipe on Moto devices that prevents over heating of the device even when operated at full power. Over heating is an important thing that should be taken care of as it not only protects the device but also the battery life.

4 inch iPhone and iPad Air 3 from Apple

Apple is said to release an iPhone again with a 4-inch display. This March, you could see a 4-inch iPhone which will be named as iPhone 6C. Apple might release in different color variants as they did for iPhone 5C. We cannot expect a high specs on iPhone 6C but still should be a worth buy. Apple is also set to launch iPad Air 3 this year.

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AirBar for PC

Technology in 2016

AirBar is a device that lets you to transform a non-touch screen to a touch screen with just an addition of the device. Surprisingly, as the price of AirBar is $49 and it's not a big deal for many customers, we should see a lot of people transforming their non-touch screens to touch screens using AirBar on their PC. Unfortunately, AirBar has not designed for Mac. Hope we should see them soon too. However, Apple's OS X is not a touch friendly operating system.

What are the other devices that you expect to be released this year? Hope this year is going to be a good start. Wish you a Happy New Year 2016!

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