Sort WhatsApp Status Based On Frequently Contacted

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WhatsApp is bringing a new feature again after the leaks of WhatsApp feature to add contacts via QR code. This time, the same WABetaInfo who leaks about WhatsApp new features first have again told that WhatsApp will soon have a feature to sort WhatsApp status based on frequently contacted people. Are you addicted to watching your contacts' statuses? I do have this habit of seeing through various status updates. WhatsApp stories are the temporary news feed for WhatsApp.

Sort WhatsApp Status

We do have a lot of contacts whom we don't contact frequently or we might have added some people for a work. We really do not need status updates from people who contacted you less. However, WhatsApp might calculate the frequency with the statistics stored by WhatsApp. If you are frequently contacting a people who don't chat on WhatsApp, the app will not know that you contact that person frequently.


WhatsApp has already become a common and a popular messaging platform after the arrival of smartphones. The company was also supporting older devices such as Symbian, Asha and more. Such a compatibility that they provided earlier might be the reason why most people got into WhatsApp because WhatsApp was introduced during the period of transformation where people were gradually switching from feature phones to smartphones.

Stories are everywhere. WhatsApp doesn't like to call them Stories but just wants to keep them as Statuses. WhatsApp previously had text statuses and it was very popular that even though WhatsApp did not have a separate page for people's statues, they were still scrolling through the contacts to check people's statuses. This might have brought to a thought of Stories which was first introduced in Snapchat.

You will soon be able to sort WhatsApp status and the access to them should be found earlier in WhatsApp Beta versions. This move is clearly a good move by WhatsApp and it becomes more powerful when WhatsApp gives the users the ability to sort WhatsApp status in any order.

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Share this article with your friends and peers...

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