Samsung Pays Penalty of $5.7 Million For Slowing Down Phone

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Consumers love updates and companies use this as an advantage and push a lot of updates to their devices which eventually causes the consumers' smartphones to slow down. A lot of consumers have already posted online as well as filed several legal cases over companies for slowing down the smartphones. Initially, Apple was sued and now, Samsung pays penalty for slowing down their smartphones.

Samsung Pays Penalty

People buy flagship smartphones due to its features and long-term support. As technology is growing at every point of time, a company cannot go back and upgrade a consumers' older smartphone, instead, the company should be limiting certain features that an older smartphone cannot handle.


Samsung has recently pushed an update to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which actually is supposed to run smoothly on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The company has forced the Note 4 users to install the update and as a result of the update, their smartphones have become slow. This makes the consumers feel that their device is getting older and encourages them to upgrade to a new smartphone.

The Italian Antitrust Authority has already started its investigation in the month of January on smartphone companies slowing down the consumers' smartphones. Italy, on taking the consumer complaints about slowing down of smartphones by Samsung, has sued Samsung for $5.7 million. This penalty is less than what Italy sued Apple which was $11.5 million US dollars.

Only after the penalty and people started to talk about the slowing down of smartphones, Apple revealed the activity of throttling the CPU speed due to the ageing of the battery. Although the deterioration of battery as they age is normal, Apple must have done this to make CPU to use less power. This move is clearly a solution to give a good user experience, however, throttling of the CPU will ultimately make the smartphone to perform slower. Apple should have done by letting the users know. The battery replacement program for older iPhone is a result of such issues.

Samsung has managed to push the latest Google operating system to their old device which came out in the year 2014. Most of the brands push updates only for 2 years after which you only receive security and bug fixes. This is the reason why people who love updates for a long-term switch to Apple.

Few countries like Italy have taken their citizens' complaints seriously and have sued companies like Apple and Samsung which has made consumers in other countries to not worry about the companies slowing down the smartphones. Slowing down the smartphones may not be a right thing to do, the companies must test a lot of time before pushing updates to older smartphones. These penalties and law suits should also not make companies to prevent pushing latest updates to consumers' smartphones.

Is your smartphone an older one which was bought a couple of years ago and is slowing down? If you are not out of memory or any apps are not taking a lot of memory in the background and still, your smartphone performs slower, then its probably your manufacturer has already pushed several updates to your phone and your phone's CPU is trying hard enough to run all the programs.

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