OnePlus 6T Slow In-Display Fingerprint Sensor


OnePlus 6T was recently launched and when they showed the in-display fingerprint sensor, it did not look that slow while unlocking the phone. However, people feel in-display fingerprint to be slower after using a normal fingerprint sensor. OnePlus 6T is not an upgrade as the in-display fingerprint sensor is slow. A smartphone that is known for performance has a slower performance when it comes to unlocking a phone.

Most of the OnePlus 6T owners have switched to pattern unlock as the in-display fingerprint sensor is slow. Earlier, Vivo and Oppo were trying to bring in-display fingerprint sensor to consumers, however, OnePlus claimed that the fingerprint sensor on OnePlus 6T will be faster than the first generation of in-display fingerprint sensor that was available on Vivo and Oppo. They are fast compared to the sensor available in Vivo and Oppo, however, OnePlus users have been used to the traditional fingerprint sensor. Hence, when unlocking the phone becomes slower, they do not find OnePlus 6T as an upgrade.
OnePlus has already been questioned for removing headphone jack and traditional fingerprint sensor. OnePlus said that they had to remove both in order to integrate in-display fingerprint sensor which occupies a major part of the device.
People on Twitter are already posting various tweets about the slow fingerprint sensor on OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus has already made various improvements to make the fingerprint sensor faster than the previous generation, however, people still want a faster way to unlock the phone. The Face Unlock is not always available as consumers want to unlock the phone at dark too. Hope, OnePlus will improve the performance of the in-display fingerprint sensor in the upcoming models.
Meanwhile, Samsung is rumoured to launch ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor which they integrate on Samsung Galaxy S10. It is also said that the new fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S10 can unlock without a bright light to be beamed on the screen.

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