Hello! New Social Network From Orkut Founder

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Hello! Hello! Hello! Getting it? 'Hello' is the new social network from the founder of Orkut. Remember the days when we sent scraps to our friends? Yes? Orkut founder, Orkut Büyükkökten has come up with a new social networking website which lets you connect with people of similar interests. New social network from Orkut founder has gone viral on Facebook and other existing popular social networking sites.

Hello New Socila Network from Orkut Founder, Orkut Büyükkökten

When Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook created Facebook, he had thought to connect people across the globe to make the world a better place. Like Mark Zuckerberg, Orkut Büyükkökten isn't a famous personality (as compared to Zuck) as Orkut was popular in India and Brazil. Orkut allowed people with age 18 or above to join their website but however, a lot of people under 18 were on the site.


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Orkut enabled us to connect with people around the globe virtually, and the Google Talk worked great with Orkut users to chat with friends on Orkut. If you were on Orkut, you should still have your Orkut contacts in your Hangouts list.

Entrepreneurship is not just business. It's a passion.

Orkut was founded by Büyükkökten when he was working with Google, and later Google acquired it. Orkut wasn't a failure. It had successfully connected millions of people around already. Büyükkökten was much passionate and curious about connecting the world and making the world a better place. This led him to think about another social network that connects people through similar interests.

Mark Zuckerberg once said, that no successful entrepreneurs had become successful in a mindset to start a business, but they just began to make the community better or to solve a problem.

What's your thought on the new social network from Orkut founder? Do you think Hello will become a massive hit? Currently, the social network is available only as a mobile app. The company might bring a web version soon if it becomes popular.

Go to Hello.com and download the app.

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