Freedom 251 to be Delivered, says Ringing Bells

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How far were we excited to hear a smartphone that can afford for less than $4 (₹251)? During the launch, the company, Ringing Bells had a big event inviting government officials. It made people believe that the firm had made a smartphone at such a low price. Freedom 251 was a dream? No! There were a lot of social media gossips regarding Freedom 251. The company had already promised that they will start to deliver Freedom 251 by June 30, 2016.

As per their promise, the company is now set to deliver the world's cheapest smartphone.

Freedom 251


The smartphone company is ready to deliver 2 lakh Freedom 251 smartphones by this month end.

Freedom 251 Specs

The Freedom 251 has a spec of 1 GB RAM, 8 Mega Pixel rear camera, and a 3.2 Mega Pixel selfie camera. The battery is supposed to be 1,800 mAh. The handset is much sufficient with 8 GB of internal storage. The smartphone also seemed to have iOS interface. However, you cannot expect stability like it's there in Apple's iOS.

The device seems to be an exact copy of China's Adcom Ikon 4 smartphone with the logo covered by whitener. The actual smartphone from which Freedom 251 evolved appears to be a $54 smartphone, but it is quite strange how a company could promise its customers to provide the same for less than $4.

When this was questioned, the company wants their mission to be achieved though they lose money in selling their smartphone.

If you are the one who ordered the smartphone by luck when the payment gateway worked, then you are lucky enough to get the Freedom 251 smartphone.

What's your thought here? Do you think this device would attract customers? Well, the phone did not make any attraction, but the price did. It is uncertain on how well the smartphone works. A $4 smartphone is a $54 smartphone to be delivered. You should just view as a primary china-made "use and throw" smartphone.

UPDATE: Freedom 251 delivery date has been postponed to July 6. A mega event will be held at New Delhi on July 7, the next day of initiation of delivery.

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