A Hacker managed to use Google Maps on iOS 6


Apple removed Google Maps from its iOS 6 and integrated Apple’s own homegrown Maps on its iOS 6. A recent news report says that a hacker was able to load Google Maps on iOS 6. The trick for using Google Maps on iOS 6 works only on a Jailbreaked devices and the hacker said that trick cannot be shared with public. His recent tweet on his twitter said that he was able to load or post Google Maps on iOS 6 with Jailbreak. He also shared a video with his followers showing that he could able to have Google Maps on his iOS 6 device.

Ryan Petrich who is a iOS hacker and engineer was able to install Google Maps on iOS 6. Since he was able to port Google Maps on iOS 6 through a jailbreaked device, he doesn’t wants to share the app with public. Most of the Apple iOS 6 users want Google Maps on their device for more easier and accurate navigation guides. Google Maps are much better than Apple’s homegrown maps. Google want their Maps to be integrated on their iOS 6 but they are not sure whether Apple will approve their App on iTunes. Though Mapping feature on iOS 6 gives turn by turn navigation, people feel more comfortable on Google Maps. Users have created a Google Maps web version on their device for quick access.

Learn more about Google Maps vs Apple maps. When iOS 6 was first announced as beta, there were buzzes around the people that Apple Maps on iOS 6 would be better than Google Maps but after the release of iOS 6, users felt much better with Google Maps.

Ryan Petrich said that Google Maps on iOS 6 doesn’t works perfectly. Google Maps runs on iOS 6 but it gets crashed in some cases. He said that it is working on his iPhone 3GS.

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