2016 MacBook Pro Complaints Are Severe Than Pro Talks

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The most prestigious and ultimate hardware from Apple is, a Mac. Whenever you speak about pricing and Apple, it is always overpriced. Apple is often meant for overpricing their products due to innovation and quality. The MacBooks are the most premium device that Apple manufactures. Experts often recommend it for doing productive tasks than doing the same in any other laptops. If you look at the past, MacBooks don't seem to be overpriced for what you get. MacBook works great and gives you a more comfort than any other laptops. Today, when we have a look at what MacBooks can provide from the users' point of view, actually changes my opinions about MacBooks. The all new 2016 MacBook Pro complaints seem to be much critical and users are facing it daily.

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints

The following complaints do hold for the new 2016 MacBook Pro.


If you don't own a MacBook, you don't own a MacBook - this is a parody of what Apple advertises for an iPhone. It becomes true for every MacBook user. Apple has designed the laptop in such a way that MacBooks do not dissatisfy the user in any way. Since the purchase, you will not regret buying a MacBook at any time. However, the 2016 MacBook Pro complaints seem to shatter such a belief. The all new 2016 MacBook Pro is priced greater than the previous MacBook Pro variants, just by claiming that it has a touch bar, a touch ID, brighter retina display and next generation of CPU. Forgot to say, no ports except the USB Type-C!

The price of the 2016 MacBook Pro is not satisfying for what people get. If you want to enjoy a Mac, and not worried about the price, this laptop is for you.

Dongle Life

  • To connect your iPhone, you need a dongle.
  • To connect a projector / LED TV, you need a dongle.
  • To connect a wired mouse, you need a dongle.
  • To connect a wired keyboard, you need a dongle.
  • To connect a pen drive, you need a DONGLE.
  • To connect your memory card, YOU NEED A DONGLE.

Current life belongs dongles. I am single, and I don't have a dongle. Not a perfect sync, right? Apologies. But, you can find a single dongle at the market to connect all your devices. You need to carry the dongle everywhere you go. Apple tried to decrease the weight of the laptop, just because, you need to fill in that space with your dongle.


A critical issue faced by most of the 2016 MacBook Pro users. Apple promised to provide 10 hours of battery life, but the actual working time for the 2016 MacBook Pro is around 8 hours, sometimes 4 hours. The issue may also be due to improper optimisation of apps. However, Apple should take care of such apps and eliminate from the App Store, or warn users about the app's power usage.

Large Trackpad

Making the size of the trackpad bigger will help people to do tasks quickly without taking their hands from the trackpad. This is cool when Apple announced about the larger trackpad in 2016 MacBook Pro, but the large trackpad made users to accidentally touch mouse while typing and triggering a right click on the trackpad. However, this should eventually make the users get used to by placing hands on the laptop at a different position.

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