How To: Upload MP3 on Facebook 2013 [Working Trick]


Facebook has become a fun tool for us. Sharing stuffs on Facebook has really made people to develop knowledge. though people mostly use Facebook for entertainment purposes, they sometimes turn into a knowledgeable content. We are continuously posting about Facebook tips, tricks and tweaks. By tweaking Facebook, they get an extraordinary feature. This makes you to be an expert in front of your friends and colleagues on Facebook. Learn how to upload MP3 on Facebook with a custom MP3 Player. To play the MP3, you need a player to play the file.

You need the following requirements to post MP3 on Facebook.

  1. MP3 to SWF Converter
  2. Dropbox account

A MP3 to SWF converter can be a stable software. I recommend you to use MP3 Stream Converter to convert from MP3 to SWF. I don’t care if you use other software which is used to convert MP3 to SWF. If you wish to download MP3 Stream Converter, you may head here. [Link]

The method explained here will help you to post MP3 audios on Facebook. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Create a website for your Dropbox – Learn more.

Brief explanation: Go to and create a domain. if your domain name is myname, then whatever the files stored in Apps/site44/ can be publicly accessed by So, a filename.html file can be accessed by provided filename .html is stored in that folder.

Step 2: Convert the MP3 file using your favorite MP3 to SWF converter and upload the converted SWF file in the Apps/site44/ folder.

Step 3: Copy the below code to Notepad or any text editor. When you save the file save it in a HTML format.

You can also download the HTML file directly from the below URL. You can directly upload the below file directly to your dropbox folder for a demo.

Step 4: Edit the above code by replacing MUSIC_TITLE_HERE with any music title, SWF_FILE_LINK with the public download link (discussed later in this article) of your SWF file, MUSIC_DESCRIPTION_HERE with a short description of your music, FILE_ADDRESS with the file address of that file and IMAGE_LINK_HERE with any image link. This image will be shown before a user plays the music.

To get the public download link of the SWF file that you have uploaded, go to the folder Apps/site44/ and locate your SWF file. Right click on your SWF file and click on Share link. If any dialog prompts you to share by Email, just close them. Now, you will be getting a download link for your SWF file. Right click on the Download button and choose “Copy link address”. this will be your public download link of your SWF file. Replace SWF_FILE_LINK with that address. If ?dl=1 is appended with the URL, then remove them See that the download link ends with .SWF or .swf.

So, what is FILE_ADDRESS? When you save the code with the name music.html and if you upload them in Apps/site44/ folder, then the FILE_ADDRESS will be

Step 5: Log in to your Facebook account and just share the URL: 
You are done!

For your better understanding, you may also follow the video tutorial below. The below video will be slight different from the above text tutorial.

[youtube 14mZzE-K6PM]

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