Twitter Update for iPhone – Well Improved and More Faster


Twitter, which is considered to be the most popular social networking for celebrities and people provide application for smartphone and almost all mobiles. A Twitter update for iPhone 4.3 has been announced which is said to be more faster and stable than the previous version. Most of the issues has been fixed from the previous version of Twitter for iPhone. Now, with much more features, it has been rolled out for iPhone. I saw this change in iPhone 4S running on iOS 5. Twitter has integrated its new logo for the application, Twitter update for iPhone 4.3.

Twitter has made changes on its logo and has introduced many features which are listed below.

Preview of Partner Websites: When a tweet contains some partner websites or external links and if you expand the tweet for details, you may see a short preview of the site, view images directly and will be able to watch videos. But this feature is said to rolled out soon on the Application.

Notifications: Now you can receive notifications in the status bar while using the application. It won’t disturb when you are the application. Push Notifications are enabled, that you may view notifications from the people you follow whenever they tweet or retweet. When any new stories are available, it will notify you.

Search: When you search for the user, the app will auto complete the name by it self which helps you to navigate to the user’s profile more quickly.

Avatars: It is more improved that when you tap on the avatar of any profile, it will take you to the user’s twitter profile.

Other Updates: Twitter for iPhone 4.3 has been more faster than ever. The application gives support for your password when you experience authentication issues. Additionally, Hungarian language has been added to the app so that those people can view Twitter in Hungarian language. Crash reports has been fixed in this new version and is said to be a better application than the previous version.

Most of the iPhone users love this update and report positive reviews about the app. Mainly, the performance of the app which is well improved. Just view the screenshot of the application showing @Crypt_Life Twitter page. Follow us for more technology updates.

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Image courtesy: RaaZ

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