Top 7 Comedians on YouTube: Featuring to be the Best


YouTube is one of the biggest social media where videos are clouded on web. The taste of online video is very much great here in YouTube. Though, there are many video websites, YouTube has it’s own unique features to all uploaders and viewers. Entertainment is the biggest tool in the world where every people becomes happy psychologically. The only category is the Entertainment which is liked by people all over the world. When you take a category like Technology or medicine or some other, only interested people may feel it and experience it. Every category is needed by all people but people are more interested towards the Entertainment to make themselves refreshed and making the mind to be free.

Entertainers are available in YouTube, we all know but I have sorted some best people who make us laugh out loud. These comedians looks multi talented and hopefully, they make our mind happy. These people do comedies for all age groups.

#1  RayWilliamJohnson

Ray William Johnson is a man who loves comic books and to make people laugh and make them happier. He is not a money loving guy and is not interested in making commercial or endorsed videos. The professional artist make people around the world happy by uploading his videos in YouTube. You may subscribe to him. RayWilliamJohnson is the channel created in YouTube for making his fans laugh aloud. He has also produced shows that have become popular in Television. The body language of Ray William Johnson makes people to laugh than his comedies. His comedies become more funny due to his Body language. This person has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube who want his updates to be notified via email.

#2 NigaHiga

The history of NigaHiga is just awesome. Initially, he started creating videos using a VHS camcorder but later after the technology improvements and support, they just moved to higher devices which involved latest technology in it. The best part of NigaHiga is his comedy. Apart from this, he is also interested in playing computer games and basketball. His ultimate aim is to be successful in entertainment industry featuring as an actor, writer, producer or director. His videos featuring comedy genre attracted more than 1 billion people. His channel contains more than 5 million subscribers whereas all video is viewed more than a billion people. In August 2009, it became a channel with more subscribers in YouTube. He has his own personal channel called HigaTV

#3 Smosh

Smosh is a hilarious guy who like to entertain people though YouTube. His idea of creating comedy is fabulous. None of the video has intention to hurt any type of people or anything. As a technology lover, I just loved his recent video “Magic Keyboard”. I appreciate his creativity. It will be more than awesome if that creativity goes live. This guy has more than 4 million subscribers and more than 1 billion video views. A hope that this person might reach the top most of best comedians by the end of this year. He also have a cartoon channel for kids and also a similar channel as that of the main one. His username is smosh and you may very well subscribe this person for funny video updates.

#4 ShaneDawsonTV

Shane Dawson is the name of the guy who makes the people to laugh. He usually performs comedy videos with a black and fat girl which makes the video to be funny. The match of both person will be unpredictable which always makes people to laugh. This person is both a Film and Television agent. A multi talented guy who perform comedies which he won’t repeat again in other videos. Every comedy is unique and has uploaded around 200 videos. He has also composed a music called SuperLuv and is available on iTunes for just $0.99. Shane is interested both in entertaining people and music. His channel comprises more than 2 million subscribers and has got a views of around 710 billion views.

#5 Fred

Fred is a guy whose speech seems funny. That’s his nature but his confidence to become as a comedian is appreciable. He uses his style of speech and the speed of the talk just becomes a point for making the people to laugh out loud. While watching his video, his voice, eye movements and body movements looks so funny which also matches to the comedy he narrates or performs in his video. The furious guy who makes people to laugh in a fraction of second. His fast and funny voice is one of his best thing for his jokes. He entertains more than 922 million people around the world and his channel comprises more than 1 million subscribers. it is expected to reach 2 million this year soon. Most of the times, his animated series of comedy goes high on YouTube.


The all time popular comedian on YouTube is What The Buck which always love to entertain people in much funny way than other comedians. A unique style of fun and comedies contains more than 350 million subscribers all round the world on YouTube. This person usually does fun in topics like politics and sports. A popular YouTube comedian since the year 2006. His comedies with hot celebrities creates more entertainment than any other. He has made more than 357 million people to laugh out loud. Subscribe him and his username is WHATTHEBUCKSHOW. He concentrates mostly on talking about the things happened in X-Factor or Glee to make the things more comedy. This attrack large number of people around the world.

#7 LisaNova

LisaNova is a female comedy artist who likes to make things more funnier and also apologies like other comedians that her video is just for fun and is not created to hurt anyone or anything. I’ve been subscribed to LisaNova since 2010 and have become addicted to her videos. The video channel which is growing one has 612K subscribers and more than 184 million views of her videos. LisaNova is a confident and ambitious women who wants to achieve high in her career. She is considered to be an American Actress but also serves as a comedian in YouTube, making people around the world to be happy and in peace.

If you have any other favorite YouTube comedians, then please drop a comment. Let us know few more and also our readers.

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