Technology Coming in 2015 That Surprises and Excites You


Technology is growing everyday faster and today’s technology gets obsolete sooner than we expect. In the coming year 2015, there is lot to expect about the advancing technology. Let us see what happens in the upcoming year and see whether it makes human lifestyle an easier one or not. The listed technology advancements have been already announced by the company or a rumour which is strongly boasted by several blogs. The below technology coming in 2015 may or may not surprise you but still excites you as most for them are already announced by the company which is to be released in 2015.

#1 Amazon Prime Air

Have you ever wondered about 30 minutes delivery of your ordered product by an e-commerce website? Amazon is working hard and has already made this possible with Amazon Prime Air. The new Amazon Prime Air will deliver you goods you purchase via an air vehicle. Amazon’s Research & Development Lab was experimenting this since long back and has promised to unveil in the year 2015.

Amazon Prime Air is just out of the reality thinking that makes you feel ‘impossible’ thing to come into reality. However, Amazon’s R&D lab has already tested and is now waiting for legal approvals by the government.

Amazon Prime Air Technology Coming in 2015

One might always wonder, if goods are carried by an air vehicle, what if, the good is lost or the vehicle is hijacked by someone. Amazon is very concerned about the security of the product that is carried by the vehicle. And they say that the security is the first priority which was took while building the vehicle.

Amazon Prime Air seem to be alarming for the employees at Amazon but we can give an applause for the big try took by the company.

#2 Project Ara

Phonebloks, an independent organization already announced the idea of making an upgradable phone. Project Ara is an initiative by Google for making such devices. Google is almost near to finish making the product and is set to release the phone in the coming year, 2015. However, the launch date is not still announced by the company.

Have you ever wondered a phone upgrading only your camera instead of changing the entire phone? Project Ara makes this possible. Project Ara is not only financially beneficial to the consumers but also said as an “eco-friendly” device.

Here is a video released by Project Ara where developing team speaks about the development of this Project.

[youtube 4qsGTXLnmKs]

Surprisingly, the phone cost, as predicted by Google is only in the range of $50 to $100. However, this is just the cost of the basic device that the team manufactures.

Do you think after the arrival of such an upgradable device will replace today’s Apple, Samsung and Windows Phone?

#3 Finger Print Authentication on Master Cards

We just thought our wallets may be replaced by our smartphones. Google Wallet and Apple Pay might replace our wallets but still, Master Card is trying something different that the payment is made more secure and easier.

Finger print Master card technology in 2015

Biometric technology to detect your finger print is integrated on your Master Card. Each time when you pay, you don’t have to enter your PIN number. Also NFC (Near Field Communication) has replaced the ability to swipe the cards.

Master Card has experimented this biometrics with Zwipe. The finger prints of yours is not stored on any external database but on Zwipe MasterCards itself.

#4 Revolutionary Operating System from Hewlett-Packard

While lot of operating systems developed by various companies are still trying hard to reach the customers, HP is set to announce its new operating system in the next year, 2015. Already, Google is trying to make people to use cloud with its new operating system, Chrome OS. However, we believe Google’s target is soon achievable as number of internet users are getting increased day-by-day.

In the HP’s scenario, the target is different! The target consumers are the companies that provide higher services like Google and Facebook. HP’s new computing device called, The Machine is an upcoming computer which is much energy-efficient than the ones used now by the big giants.

[youtube QPQ1AheNro8]

The prototype operating system for The Machine might be released in 2015 but however, The Machine might be released later.

HP targets the corporate companies to be controlled with The Machine but still promises that they can bring such an energy-efficient and much more powerful device for smaller devices too.

#5 Canon 50 Mega Pixel DSLR Camera

The Japanese company, Canon is set to boast its new DSLR camera that can shoot photos at 50 mega pixels. This news is popularly spread over various photography and related blogs but the company has not yet unveiled about such a device in this year.

As today’s noobs of photography do concern a lot about the mega pixel than the lens and other features of the camera, Canon might be overtaking the Lumia’s 41 Mega pixel camera. However, there is no way to match a normal mobile phone camera and a DSLR camera.

The price of this camera is rumoured as $4,000 by various photography related blogs.

If you are much excited about the technology surprising coming in 2015 which are not listed above, you may feel free to comment below and let our readers know.

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