How to : Tag Part of a Facebook Fan Page or a Group Name


Tagging a friend is always to make your friends to notify that you have mentioned their name on a comment or a status or in a photo’s caption. Have you wondered how to tag part of a name on Facebook? Well, you might tag your first name or a last name of your friend on Facebook but ever tried to tag any pages like this? Usually we use an @ symbol for tagging a friend or a fan page. This trick too uses the same symbol for tagging names of Facebook Fan page and group but with a code. This won’t be like a regular method. Use the code which I give to tag a Facebook Fan Page or a group. Did you know? You may tag anyone with any name on Facebook – Check here.

The requirements for tagging part of a name on Facebook is, you need the group ID for tagging groups and Page’s ID for tagging a page.

How to get a Facebook Fan Page ID?

To get your Facebook Fan Page’s ID, all you have to do is, check the URL of the page. If the URL looks like the below one, then you may use 123456789 as the Page ID.

If the Page’s URL looks like the one below, then you have to go to to find its ID.

How to get a Facebook Group’s ID?

If the URL of a Facebook group looks like the one below, then 123456789 is the ID of the Facebook group.

In the other case, if the URL looks the one below, that is, if the group has a custom permalink, then all you have to do is, click group’s notification and  right click on settings.
The URL looks something like the below, then your group’s ID is 123456789.

Now after getting an ID, it’s time for you to tag the group or a page with only a part of the name. Use the below code to tag.


For Example, the ID of the group or page is 123456789, and the name is Sample Piece. If you are planning to tag only the Piece in a comment or a status, then you have to make a code similar to the one below.


Remember that when you tag, it is always required to see the name of the group or page is inserted in the code as it is and not even a case of the name is changed because, this works only if the correct name is mentioned.

See an example in which I have tagged first part of a group. In similar way, you may tag any part of the group, the thing is, they must be separated with space. If the name of a group or page is just CryptLife. Then you cannot take any part of the name for tagging.

Well, Surprised? Perform this on your Facebook. I wish this is the new trick to be used on Facebook. Share your thoughts below.

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