WhatsApp is a SpyApp : Your Ex-Boyfriend Can Spy On You!

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Are you an avid WhatsApp user and do you feel that WhatsApp is completely secure as only people with your phone number can communicate with you? Yes, you may be right but WhatsApp does not hide your information like statuses and your profile photos to the one who have just stored your number on their phone book. Your profile is completely a public one except the messages you share with your contacts. Anyone with your phone number can  track you always. No matter you have his/her phone number or not. To say frankly, WhatsApp is a SpyApp.

WhatsApp is a SpyApp

Social Sites compared to a Snitch?

Some features on social networking sites makes those sites a snitch. Long time ago, when we were using only email to communicate with each other, no companies did care to introduce such features. What makes a social networking site look like a snitch? You may wonder, but some features like "seen" introduced on Facebook and other social networking services makes their services to work as a snitch.

Adverse effects of "Last Seen" feature

The social interaction is made more close with such features but the privacy is lost. The relationships are sometimes broken with such features. You can say now, have you seen people worrying or becoming arrogant for not replying to their message after Facebook notified them that they saw their message? 7 out of 10 reading here should have experienced this or must have witnessed this situation. What was before this feature was introduced? The sender does not actually worry about the person whether he or not saw the message or not.

Okay! Let me not go deep into Facebook as you landed here for WhatsApp. And yeah, as the title says, the WhatsApp is a "SpyApp" for many ex-boyfriends. Recently, I also read an article showing how WhatsApp becoming SpyApp for parents to monitor the child's activity. Similarly, I recently found some of my friends who spy on their ex-girlfriends using WhatsApp. Though those girls have blocked them on their WhatsApp number, they do track their WhatsApp statuses and download profile photos which they upload periodically each week (some girls change every day).

What status updates can tell about a person?

As people are addicted to techno gadgets, they seem to be alone with their mobile devices. Social interaction occurring in real world have become less these days. They do not have anyone to share about their depressed or jovial state. That is the reason why they end up in updating statuses. Ex-boyfriends do track their girl's status updates and compute the mood of a girl. They usually don't do anything with the help of these statuses but this is some kind of activities which ex-boyfriends used to do for determining the present mood of the girl.

Profile Photos may be the target

Usually Ex-boyfriends don't care about photos as they should be having a lot when they were in relationship. Profile photos matter a lot to one side lovers who are always in need of some personal stuffs like photos, phone number, residential address and more. If you care more about photo privacy, you need to think twice or thrice before uploading it.


Finally I would conclude that WhatsApp is not for people who expects privacy for their photos and status updates. Those people can switch over some other messengers similar to WhatsApp. If you are a person who don't like your own photo to be visible to public, then you should probably beware while uploading on WhatsApp. You really do not know who has your phone number. The WhatsApp number which you use might have been shared by your friends without your knowledge. It is also possible for someone to get your phone number by some other means.

What are your thought on WhatsApp's privacy? Share it below.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Does whatsapp is really with Last seen feature? check the below link, I snap it from Whatsapp official website FAQ


    • Arjun says:

      Yes Dilip, WhatsApp has "Last seen" feature. The one which you have sent us shows the marks shown on WhatsApp regarding the delivery of messages. 🙂

  • Arunima das says:

    hi how are you!

  • Hi i jonend the whatsapp.
    how are you.
    i am fine.

  • Teresa says:

    Does anyone know if a person can take your phone number and post their pic on whats app as if it is their own phone number. This supposedly happen to a friend. He said that his girlfriend saw the whatsapp profile which showed one of his old mobile numbers appearing with a girl's photo. His girlfriend had kept his old mobile number in her phone. The whatsapp profile showed 2 of his old numbers to include work and mobile number and the current home number. Is that possible to happen? Thanks

  • kalyan says:

    watsapp is very gud but if anyone nt rplyng for my msgs are idiots

  • How to get the all details of my ex. Plz share with me