Upload Animated Picture in Facebook Page Tab [How To]

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Facebook has a serious bug where animated pictures can easily be uploaded to Facebook. The bug existed in from earlier days since I wrote about many articles regarding this. Initially, people were able to post animated pictures using a piece of customized code. Then, we were able to have animated picture as cover photo on Timeline. But recently, I posted a method to share a page with animated pictures. It was a new trick working from this year, 2013. Now, you will learn how to upload animated picture in Facebook Page Tab.

Some of the tricks which existed were patched by Facebook. Those were bugs and taking that bug as an advantage, we were able to post animated pictures on Facebook. Still people find bugs on Facebook and animated pictures is being posted on the great social networking site, Facebook. Using a bug, now we will be able to upload animated pictures in Facebook Page tab.

Before getting started, as we are going to upload animated pictures in page tab, we need an application like Static HTML: iframe Tabs which can be added to our page.


You need the following before getting into this tutorial.

  1. A Facebook Page
  2. Adobe Photoshop CS5 (or any version that supports animation)
  3. Quick Time Player (as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop)

Follow the below steps to upload animated picture in Page tab image. Also, share the animated picture with your fans or friends.

Step #1: Search for any animated pictures (GIF) on Google or create a GIF image. Download to your computer.

Step #2: Open Adobe Photoshop CS5 and go to File > Import > Video frames to layers. In the File Name combo box, just type *.* and choose your GIF image.

Animated Pictures in Facebook Page Tab Photoshop

Step #3: After opening, you can also set beginning and ending point of the GIF to be inserted in Photoshop. If you don't want any limits, you may choose the option "From Beginning to End".

Step #4: Press Alt + Ctrl + I and re-size the picture. Here, you have to set a size for your GIF so that it would fit on your application tab of your Facebook page. Set a size of 111 x 74 pixels.

Size of Animated Pictures Facebook

Step #5: Now make sure that you are able to view all frames of your animation by launching the Animation window using Window > Animation.

Step #6: Save your file in the filename.psd format. While saving, see that you have checked on Layers.

Animated Picture in Facebook Page Tab

Step #7: Now, after saving log in to your Facebook account and land on your page. As said earlier, you should have added an application Page tab on your page. I consider that you have already added an application on your Page tab. So, click on the pencil icon on your tab which appears when you hover on it. Just click on the Edit Settings option.

Change Animated Picture in Facebook Page Tab

Step #8: Using Change option in the custom tab image, upload the filename.psd that you have saved. And, voila! it's done. You can now see your GIF animating on your page tab.

To Share your Page with Animated Pictures, head here.

If you have any queries, please let me know below. I am happy to help you. Please subscribe us if this helped you.

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  • Raheem Khan says:

    Hi Arjun can you tell me how to add Application Tab ion Facebook Page I'm strucked!!!

  • globe in says:

    haha lol psd files cannot be uploaded unsupported file format please dont cheat your blog readers 😛

  • Phlos says:

    i did all the step i upload my psd 111x74 (animated 391ko) but i just see a blank picture. Is it patched ?

  • phlos says:

    Thank you i did it and i work. But when user click on my post they go to my static html tab, and it s blank. Is there a way when user click on my post go directly on my facebook fan page ?

  • daryl says:

    its working tnx,.,.

  • anwar says:

    link download "Quick Time Player plugin for Adobe Photoshop cs5" please....

  • Samina Khan says:

    I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0, please tell me how to do in Photoshop 7.0

  • Aajam says:

    Thank you Bro.Its Working Well....but page name is coming for that gif...how to change it to our required name?

  • Aajam says:

    Thank you Bro :* :*

  • chuck says:

    no man it's not working. I added Static html to the page and did all the steps but it doesn't allow psd files! what to do now?

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Chuck, It allows PSD files. When you save the PSD file properly, your PSD file will be animating on Facebook. Just check while saving your file.

  • Amr says:

    my Problem with step 2
    can not import my .gif 🙁

  • anwar says:

    thanks berow Arjun i try it 🙂

  • Raaz San Dee says:

    "error": {
    "message": "(#100) Missing message or attachment",
    "type": "OAuthException",
    "code": 100
    help me. . .

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Raaz,
      Please see that you have provided the correct code near POST method option. It should be
      Also, check whether you have entered link in name field and pasted the URL in value field.

  • saheer says:

    from yesterday its not working


  • Hans says:

    Thanks Arjun for this tutorial! Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I created this PSD http://www.dropbox.com/s/dvmazrcy4eur73l/tab-grafik_fandeal.psd and uploaded it here facebook.com/GetYourGadgets to this app: facebook.com/GetYourGadgets/app_160318057441332

    Facebook accepted the PSD but it's not animated. 🙁

    Any ideas?

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Hans,
      We feel sad that you are late to this site. Facebook has now updated the upload functionality. The new update doesn't allow a user to upload animated PSD files. Though it accepts the PSD file, the picture freezes soon after the upload. Stay subscribed to our blog for new updates and Facebook tricks.

  • saheer says:

    tnx arjun,, we all are waiting for yout new tips 🙂

  • khalil says:

    after facebook patched it , what is the other way , there is other one , try to fined and send it to me 🙂

  • jessichawla says:

    hello,bueno antes si veía una imagen animada en una pestaña de mi fan page,ahora la imagen esta congelada,a esperar que salgan nuevos trucos para armonizar nuestro face 🙂 saludos

  • Raouf says:

    New Method for posting GIF in Tab in PAGE !! isn't format PSD or What ?. please Answer ?

  • Vague Soul says:

    This isn't working anymore. i uploaded psd to my page tab before and it works like a charm, but now its static again 🙁 look into this matter :/

  • Nihal says:

    Hey Arjun.. I'm still seeing some of the pages are still sharing it.. 🙁

  • John says:

    lets say I have an animated link
    how do I use my app I created to send it to my page without linking to the previous person's page who created the image

    • Arjun says:

      John, this trick is obsolete. Unfortunately, Facebook has patched the trick. Your question is tricky though! If this trick has existed, you should make a PSD of that image and upload it to your app, then you need to post on your page.

  • Ahmad says:

    how to add animated gif image of app tab now?


  • john says:

    its flat when picking the pic.
    I have a question
    when sharing a page for example is there any way to remove the likes from the description or make the link unclickable using the fb api?

  • john says:

    opps, just saw you answered my question

    name,caption,description I filled out. Yet the likes still show. So I am trying to get rid of the likes text underneath.

    Or if I can make the picture link unclickable

  • john says:


    Ok so what I am trying to do is go to someone elses app page and post it on my page and rewrite all the data to make it look like I posted it.
    The only thing thats screwing up is the
    like:number of people still shows.
    And the image is still clickable which redirects you to their page

    • Arjun says:

      No. There is no way to remove the number of likes shown or to remove the page link. Give me the app page link from where you are posting to your page. Let me analyse whether we can change or not.

  • Alvin Atienza says:

    Arjun hi!..you have no trick for posting GIF in Tab in PAGE?

  • John says:

    still john, i tried to play around by changing values of the link and hoping the gif remained. And that never worked!

    ^^ using firebug.

  • Rick Aero says:

    Looking forward to your new solution! Thank You

  • Axel says:

    hey Arjun any new ideas to upload a gif on facebook?

  • akkisha says:

    Seriously waiting for, your new trick!!!

    i need to upload Animated gifs..
    please update ASAP

  • GTMan says:

    Would you please let me know if you get the new method

  • nahap says:

    i am waiting to, for your trick udate how to upload animation gif on fan page
    but I see another fan page stay work 🙁 , exsample → facebook.com/Animation2share

  • shakar says:

    please help me .... when i upload the psd image to facebook tab the image was still and dont move ? what i should do ???

    • shakar says:

      please help me …. when i upload the psd image to facebook tab the image was still and dont move ? what i should do ???

    • Arjun says:

      yes Shakar, Facebook has updated their upload feature on that page. This new feature is letting people to upload some pictures but makes them still after the upload. We are searching for a new trick. Please stay tuned. But we have some working trick. Check here.

  • yako says:

    Sorry to say, but your "tutorials" are very baffling and seem to omit many steps, I think because your aren't very specific.

  • Ko AMT says:

    I need animated picture as face book,made uplod from my computer.

  • Tatu Drk says:

    Can you make this .gif to .psd for me, I have a problem with Adobe Photoshop, I tried to download but my computer configuration is low, permanent internet connection is interrupted

    it is important to me because it helped my fanpage a lot
    upload it in any server
    & i download it ?

    Thank you so much

  • Absarul Haque says:

    not working

    • Arjun says:

      Hey Absarul, this trick isn't working. I agree to it but I have found another way to share your page with animated pictures. Would you like to have a look on it? Just read them here. Enjoy your stay at CryptLife.

  • Absarul Haque says:

    You Can See Here

  • saif says:

    can you tell how animation gif upload on facebook profile.. please help me

  • saif says:

    please help me tell me how to upload animation gif of facebook profile ..
    i have photoshop cs5...help...

  • Rince says:

    thank you arjun its working

    arijun i can't Edit my page Description i try edit option than showing "Update failed because the About section is too long." can you help me pleas ..thank you

  • Waldan Cool says:

    Thank's 😀 (y)

  • Khaja says:

    Arjun really it wont works 😀

    i dont know how it works for you or someone else. but great effords, carry on then

    i give 0/10 for this post. 🙂

    i made psd and what ever you said i did. after uploading it wont animate. so i guess u gave us wrong tutorial. you need to correct your mistake dude 🙂

    • Arjun says:

      Sorry for the disappointment dude. You have heard about CryptLife after long time since this trick arrived. These animated pictures are kind of bugs which existed on Facebook. The social networking giant will immediately fix these types of bugs soon after they come to notice. And, that is the reason why Facebook tricks are being patched. One must understand this. This trick was working at the time when this post was published.

      Please stay tuned Khaja for new tricks. We keep you updated.

  • Annie says:

    FB has changed it long ago.. so thats the problem! thats why PSD picture is not supporting. and i am just trying it for two days.. haaah wasted my time!!

  • Annie says:

    i thought i will do it soon... i really wanna do it for my page!!

  • Dennis says:

    Still see some pages having this(incl cryptlife).

    Is it still possible in some way?

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Dennis, the trick is patched now. Those pictures on tabs were uploaded during the time when it worked. I'm trying to find another trick. Stay tuned! 🙂

  • jay.tantu says:

    dude u have any new for now ? to upload Gif into Facebook ?
    if u have 🙂 tell us now 😀
    add me on facebook jay.tantu 🙂