How to: Tag Someone with a Different Name on Facebook [2012 Working Trick]

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Loads of Trolls, we hear only on social networking sites like Facebook. There are people who post about text arts in Facebook status but have you seen any of such arts in blue color? Have you seen the same blue text arts linking to a particular Facebook Fan Page? Some might have been seen this. Few days ago, I heard a trick to tag someone with a different name on Facebook but that trick is not working now as Facebook patched it. But now, the same trick is working again but with some conditions. Also, Text arts like memes can also be made.  This sounds cools and also when you see such Facebook posts, you will be wondering how they do it! Now, it's time for you to create such arts. Let me show you an example, how it looks when you post such arts. Below is a picture which shows the preview of this trick with a troll character. This will really help in increasing likes on your Facebook page.

Preview of the trick blue text art in facebook status

To tag someone with Different name on Facebook, you need the below code. The older trick which you used to tag someone with different name is now working when the same page is tagged originally. Paste the below code in your Facebook status and post it.



How to get ID of a Page or a Person?

Here, PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID is the ID of your Friend's profile or Facebook Page. If your Friend or Page has a username instead of an ID, you may get by navigating to this URL by replacing your Friend's or Page's username. Replace the below URL with the USERNAME of profile or page.

Replace the ID with PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID. And now, the second part of the code to be replaced is, the CUSTOM_TEXT. Enter any text and it will show up your custom text linked with a specified PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID after posting.

Suppose, you want to call a person with a funny name and tag his or her own profile. This applies not only to Facebook profiles but also to Facebook Pages.

Example, see an example how I entered to call myself with a nickname in the below picture. Just created this picture for testing and not for any funny purposes.

Tag someone with custom name example

I would also like to share some trolls and text arts which you can use it in this trick. Replace the below patterns with CUSTOM_NAME. I would recommend to get some patterns of text from here:

If you want some Memes, go to CryptLife Facebook Fanpage and find some featured posts where you will be able to copy some troll faces and patterns. You may also use the above URL for more text patters.

Share your comments here. How this tricked worked for you?

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  • Priyanka says:

    cool trick 🙂

  • harsh k says:

    Arjun its not working 🙁

  • harsh k says:

    Sorry its working ..... i guess i had done sumthing wrong yesterday

  • harsh k says:

    Here it goes .....
    the upper text is like this wen i post it 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Arjun says:

      You must not use colons for CUSTOM_NAME. It will mess up with the code as it works with colons. Instead of Colon use a semicolon. this will work fine!

  • harsh k says:

    Okie 🙂

  • balaji says:

    Really awesome trick... nice one...

  • Jhunrey says:

    So, you can't just tag the timeline/pag without tagging the original one?

  • larbie says:

    hey it's not woking
    facebook not allowing to post that [email protected]@[0:[PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID:1:CUSTOM_TEXT]]
    any other way to tag??

    • Arjun says:

      See that you replace the ID of page or profile in PAGE_OR_PROFILE_D.
      The second code will tag the original page. Thus you can tag a page with a custom name provided, you've tagged the original page correctly.

  • Sachin says:

    Both the Custom name and original page/user name are displaying..
    Is there Any way to hide the original name..?? 🙁

  • Deethe says:

    Cool !
    Thank you very much
    This is so useful in getting more likes

  • Jim says:

    Sorry for the noob question... When a page is similar to others and you start to key in a normal @-tag, Facebook's drop-down of people/page options never seems to have the right person/page. It seems that the more similar is a page name is to other pages, the less likely it will be presented an an option. @-tagging a unique page # would solve this. Can I use this in the simple case where I just want to @-tag someone using their PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID? I tried @[PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID:0] alone and correctly replaces the ID number with the actual page name, but it does not turn into a link. Thanks!

    • Arjun says:

      Please see that you are trying to tag a page or profile in correct places. For example, if you are trying to tag a stranger who is not in your Facebook friend list, then you won't getting the profile link, instead, online the name appears.

      • Jim says:

        Yes, FB does have those restrictions. But if it is tagged in the "right place", can is there a simple version of your code above to tag a unique ID? Is it @[PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID:0] ? Thanks again, Arun!

        • Arjun says:

          Jim, there is no simpler code than this. Just replace the PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID with your page or profile ID. Get the ID from

  • sayuri says:

    i did what the instructions said. i replaced the PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID with profile ID and it didn't work. i wonder why. is this still working?

    • Arjun says:

      PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID should be same ID on both the lines of the code. This trick is still working. Please check the code that you have used. You may also comment the code with which you are experiencing problem. We are happy to help you!

      • sayuri says:

        sorry, my bad.. it's working but i should still put the 2nd code that reveals his/her real name on the post. i thought i can only use the code with custom name. thanks anyway 🙂

  • sayuri says:

    thanks for helping me. i used this code, hello @@[0:[100001374238003:1:Jae Em]]

  • Aina says:

    it doesnt work i tried @@[0:[1715167239:1:AiNah04]] but it cant post it stops loading

  • jouri says:

    it shows the name of user but not clickable,
    like this @[facebook ID:0] for example (jouribn), its shows in the comment "jouribn" but not clickable you can't click it.
    so you need to comment custom_name and profile_page ID for this to work?
    thank you and please forgive my stupid question.

    • jouri says:

      i know facebook ID is a bunch of numbers 🙂
      facebook user: jouribn
      facebook ID: 123456789
      for example
      it show in the comment that "jouribn" it's working but you can't click it

      • Arjun says:

        Jouri, If you are trying to tag a person who is not in the group or if you are trying to tag a person who is not on your friend list in a public place using this trick, then the output will be as you said. The name will appear but won't be clickable.

  • Aryan says:

    Hey ! I try @@[0:[178004995568969:1:Best Beach!]] but , when i l click on post it loads but stops suddenly and doesn't post ! What should i do???

    • Arjun says:

      Hey Aryan, You need to insert @[178004995568969:0] below the code which you have mentioned. Earlier, the trick was working without the second line of the code but now, it doesn't. We need to add this line to change the text.

  • Marina says:


    I've tried using following @@[0:[680397541:1:DOLL]] @[680397541:0] and it kind of works but I get two tags, both DOLL and then Marina Svensson. I only want DOLL to show. Am I doing it wrong?

  • amitjot says:

    @[353744894694306:5] this is my page code how can i do it to my page.....???How czn it function??

  • Chetan says:

    Thank u thank u so much.....
    Me kai din se ye trick find kar raha tha lekin milti hi nai thi.....
    finaly i get it
    thank u thank u thank u sir.....

  • Channi says:

    Hey! Its not working

    @@[0:[335079759912444:1:babbu maan , sherry maan fans join ]]
    this one not working

  • Lindsey says:

    Thanks for posting, this was very helpful. I am trying to post from my business page and comment on another business page's post. For example, a business I follow posts something and John Doe comments on that post. As a business, I want to also comment on the post and tag John Doe (who i am not friends with) so he knows I am commenting on his response too. Is there a way to do this from a business page standpoint? Thanks!

    • Arjun says:

      Yes. If one has commented on your page. You can tag him. No matter whether he is in your friend list or not. You can tag from business page standpoint too.

  • oni says:

    how to post without the second line?

    • Arjun says:

      The same code was working without the second line on Facebook. but when they fixed that bug, we were able to post only with the second line. But, if we find any method like that, we will post on this blog. Stay subscribed.

  • Monica Teodora says:

    @@[0:[102898549859705:1:Harry]] <== this is how my tag code looks like and although it's not working.. I can't post it. Everytime I click Post goes back like if I didn't press. So I can press 100000 times cause it wont go. But any other status or normal tag goes perfectly fine. Do you have any idea what should I do ? 🙂 Thanks !

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Monica,
      You are using only one line of the code. Copy the both line available in this post. Both lines of code is required to post. You post gets published only when you copy the second line too.

  • vinay says:

    hey bro, now it's automatically posting page or id name after the post. What to do....

  • shamz says:

    Hi arjun, do you know how to tag only the first name of your business page?? For example if your page is called inspirational stories, and you only want to tag the word 'stories'?

  • Jawad says:

    Hi Arjun, I don't want to show the name of page only shows the custom text that I have posted. How Can I do that?

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Javad,
      You cannot do like that. Earlier it was working as you requested now but it only works if you specify the original tag of the page once.

  • mannu587 says:

    post, 07 feb 2013

    alguien sabe como lo hace? , es otro codigo que usa parece
    does anyone know? Is another code that uses it seems

  • Ajay Kukna says:

    @@[0:495552453817320:1:seemore]]@[495552453817320:0] its does't work bro.

    • Arjun says:

      The format is wrong. Please check the code again. I have tweaked your code below to work:
      @@[0:[495552453817320:1:seemore]] @[495552453817320:0]

  • Ajay Kukna says:

    Thanks bro.
    How can we write any name in blue and like a link.

  • Ajay Kukna says:

    We can post it like this
    (some another text)
    @@[0:[495552453817320:1:costom text]]

  • GusMan says:


    what's wrong with this Code?

  • Light says:

    Hi. I can't seem to make it work using a username (not number code). Can you show an example using a username instead of the numerical code? Thanx

  • Lalit says:

    Hey Can I Call you, @@[0:[234139966720800:1:lalit]]
    Am I right, @[234139966720800]?

    This is not working

  • Lalit says:

    Yes it worked.


    It means i have to included the second line also.

    Suppose i want some thing like

    Hi Sanjay i thank you for helping me.

    Now Sanjay i want to link with his profile.

    How this can work then

  • Anz says:

    This worked till last week but seems not working anymore.. I am getting a black question mark if use this feature.. !

    • Arjun says:

      Yes Anz, Same problem over here. We guest Facebook has fixed this bug. We are now looking at a new way to tag a page with any name. When we come across such tricks, we'll post them here. Please stay tuned.

  • krishna kumar says:

    hey. it doesnt work fo me 🙁 pls help me
    here is my tag code

    this is my page

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Krishna, Thanks for notifying. It doesn't work for me too. Let me look deep into it and will post a working one as soon as I get a find a new one. Please stay tuned. You're awesome!

  • LordKelvin says:

    It seems to work, but you have to edit the field manually. I suggest to try with private statuses a few times before screwing up friendships...

    1) Tag people the normal way till it appears in blue on the text line. Before submitting, right click on the blue name and Inspect Element.
    2) The source of the page should appear. From the current line, scroll down for a couple of lines, till an "input type="hidden"" appears, with a "value" field similar to @[YOURPROFILEID:YOURPROFILENAME].
    3) Use the same procedure as described up here, but edit directly the "value" field instead of the page form in the upper part of the screen. You can edit the current line by pressing f2, and then press CTRL+ENTER when you have finished.
    4) Press Submit on the page, ignore what has currently happened to your text line.

    About @[PAGE_OR_PROFILE_ID:0], you can substitute 0 with the name, the surname or both.

    • Arjun says:

      Thank you for sharing, Kelvin. We'll test your method. If it works, we'll feature you on our next post. You're awesome!

    • LordKelvin says:

      You might be more comfortable if you change

      <input type="hidden"


      <input type="text"

      and then press ctrl+enter.
      Doing so will update your upper page and a small new input line below the normal one should appear.
      You can edit that line instead of the "value" field, and then submit. It should be the same.

    • Usman Ayub says:


      I did what you suggest but i’m confused about submission.

      From where i’ve to submit or you are talking about “POST” Option ??

      • LordKelvin says:

        I mean submit that as usual, ignoring what you did in the html part (which is, click back where you usually click to insert a comment, go to the end of the string and then press ENTER to submit the comment, or click the blue pushbutton as you normally do for status updates)... I don't know if it still works.

  • LordKelvin says:


  • Maiya says:

    is the method still working??
    i tried it but it shows a symbol when the comment is posted

  • Asif says:

    Is it possible to obtain token for ??

  • Muhammad Ahmad says:

    It is not Working 🙁

    Please help

  • faitex says:

    Now you can do without the second code?

  • Rajnish says:

    @Arjun it stopped working 🙁 any other way?

  • Navdeep Singh says:

    How I can tag any name with my facebook page in new facebook updates?