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We started with internet in creating E-mail Ids. Those were initially our address over the Internet. We sent and received letters through the Internet as E-mail. The E-mail service providers meanwhile provided options for chatting over the internet through message and voice.  Then the concept of social networking came and it has ruled us over the time. Orkut was initially the social network which came out popular in India and Brazil, with the concept of "Make new friends". Then now, the Facebook stands top in the list. Facebook had several privacy options for people. It helped us to keep our friends in touch. The need for Professional networks was resolved by LinkedIn. Now on the talk is skill pages, let me describe what it is and how it could be beneficial.  I recommend you to start using SkillPages to exhibit your skills.

SkillPages Find Skilled People

What is SkillPages ?


SkillPages is a skill based social directory which is actually a type of network where we can create a profile for our skills. SkillPages initially allows you to add six different skills that you have.

How does it work ?

SkillPages is not only for exhibiting our skills over Internet. It allows you sync your contacts from all E-mails and social networks you have and sends request for all your friends.

How to use SkillPages ?

If you seek an employee for your company or even photographer for a party whatever it is, SkillPages allows you to post an opportunity for our need and it allows to share our post to all our connections and also to whole skill database. It brings the relevant worker as per your need. You could  find a worker from your connections. You can also get the details of people with relevant skill from the skill base. You could also have option to view their profiles, and even see their skills in action through photos and videos. We also can recommend the person's skills.


A lot can be achieved using SkillPages. If you are skillful in a particular stream, then join SkillPages by mentioning your skill. You will find a dashboard where people requires your talent. You may contact them directly to people who demand your talents and skill. When you have interest over a particular thing, then you will automatically become more skillful but you too need some experience to work somewhere with your skills. SkillPages may act as your platform for your skills.


Inspite of having many pros, it has cons too. The only demerit of SkillPages is that, it sends request to all our contacts in Facebook and LinkedIn network. If you are going to invite contacts from GMail, then it will offer you option for choosing contacts to be invited whereas, this is not the case when you link Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with SkillPages.

Start using, visit Share your comments below. If you are already in SkillPages, then pour your thoughts over here. Help our readers to understand how SkillPages is beneficial for you.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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