Share Facebook Page with Animated Picture [2013]

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Some  more animated stuffs for  you! In the previous post, I shared how to post animated pictures on Facebook group. I saw people trying out those tricks and mailing me that it works perfectly. You might have seen  some pages sharing animated pictures. By clicking on the animated picture, you will be taken to their page. In this article, you can learn howto share such animated pictures. This trick is somewhat limited that you cannot upload your own animated picture or GIF but you can share the picture shared by other page on your page or timeline. You can share with your own name or  page name and link the picture to your own page.

Before getting into this trick you should have seen how other pages share animated pictures. The below is a screenshot where one of the page shared an animated picture. In the below picture, when we click either on animated picture or title, it takes you to the page. Now, we need to know how to share them as our picture and we should make the fans to land on our page by clicking on it.

Animated Picture page


The following tricks may be simple to anyone who learns web. So, let us learn how to share a Facebook page with animated picture. Previously, we also posted a trick to post animated picture as page but it was patched by Facebook soon. If you want to know about the previous trick, you may read here. Also, do you wonder about the pictures uploaded on such pages? Just have a look here. Facebook had a bug that GIFs in Photoshop format was uploaded to Facebook Page tab without affecting the animation effects on the picture.

I would not like to take much of  your time. So, let us learn the trick to share your own page with animated picture.

Step #1: Find a Facebook Page with animated picture posts in it. (For example, you can take

Step #2: Right click on the picture title and click on "Copy link address"

Share Facebook Page with Animated Picture

Step #3: Paste it in the Notepad or anywhere so that you can edit the URL.

Step #4: Replace the page's username with your own page's username.

Share animated picture in Facebook page

Step #5: Now, copy the URL which you have updated and share it in your timeline or page's timeline. After Facebook fetches the icon and your page's name, see that you clear the raw URL which you have pasted the in the box.

Why I see a different picture than the one I took?

The animated pictures are already uploaded by using previously working tricks. Those tricks used pictures that were uploaded to page tabs using applications. If you have installed any application to your page and the same application matches to the one where the animated picture is uploaded, then you need to uninstall the application you have installed on your page or find any other page for the same picture. If picture uploaded to the application doesn't matches to any of the app you have installed on your page, then you can blindly share the URL on your page by replacing the username.

If want an example, you can also have a look at CryptLife Facebook  fan page. We have uploaded an animated picture.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask us. Just comment below. We are happy to help you!

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  • Ahmad says:

    Nothing Happen 🙁

  • Muhammad Ahmad says:

    not working

  • amal says:

    not work :'(

  • Thanks Arjun.. as always i learn a lot from ur blog, ur animated on fb group trick works nice as well as this trick.

    thanks again

  • saheer says:

    its not wrking

  • Thanks Arjun, its Working, But there is a blue link address visible...!!!

    How to remove it..??

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Sanjay, just after Facebook fetches the URL title and picture, remove the URL from the box. to remove the blue link title, just click on the title text and delete it. You can post without the title.

      • Hi Arjun Ur All Tricks r Working well, thanks 4 Helping us, u r doing good job thanks ones again..,
        animated page trick is good too..,
        now i want to know that how to post animation pic who is able to open like other pics..??
        we can open it by click, if we click that animated pic they can open like other pics.., people can tag that pics too and any size of pic we can post there.., how can possible it..???
        Plz reply soon as u can..
        Here are some links of that pics..,
        they all pics r able to open n bigger size than us..

        Thank you V.much

        • Arjun says:

          Hello Sanjay! First, I apologize for the late reply. Those pictures were uploaded long back when a trick to upload animated animated pictures were working. We also wrote about that trick to upload in such a way. Those pictures can be opened in theater view on Facebook. Now, Facebook has close such holes so that they could increase the efficiency of the page.

  • saheer says:

    do u knw any another animation page?

  • Oiu says:

    Thanks arjun ^^

  • usbuyonline says:

    thanks it works perfectly.

  • sam fisher says:

    i see diferrent picture instead of the ine i took please what should i do?

    • Arjun says:

      The link which you took should be using the app you have already installed on your page tab. Remove the app from your page, if possible and try sharing the link.

  • sam fisher says:

    when im about to post the link it's asking me to leave the page why?

  • Lorena says:

    The trick works great! but when but the URL in the state, with some gifs I get an image of App ... these do not work or have to do something in order to post? Comment please! thank you very much!

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Lorena, did you try with different links? If this happens only to a particular link, then you should be using the same app which the animated picture uses.

      • Lorena says:

        Some links work perfect, in others instead of animation, a picture of application ... You should install the application?? Thank you very much for answering Arjum

        • Arjun says:

          You should not install the application. The application which is used by the animated picture should not match with any application which you have installed on your page. If the same application is installed on your page, then it takes the tab image set by your page and not the animated picture.

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.., From 5days 🙁 🙁

    • Arjun says:

      Sorry Sanjay! I've replied to your previous comment now.

      • Thank you Arjun..,

        But Dear Brother That New trick Is Working With Large Animated Pic u can check here..,

        plz check Again and Crack the trick.., its posted only 10hrs. Ago.., n also check those links in my previous comment...!!

        I Hope u will surely crack that trick.. THANK YOU..

        • Arjun says:

          Hi Sanjay, those bigger pictures were able to upload last year of June - July month. They have been posted on July 12, 2012. If i crack any trick to post animated pictures on Facebook, I am sure that i will share with you all guys in CryptLife. Please stay tuned. 🙂

  • bhaskar says:

    hi arjun..
    the trick is nice.but when i post any url..i am not getting my page name or my name on to do that??

  • Lorena says:

    I wonder if you have found another way to publish new gifs animations besides this trick?? answer! thank you very much!

  • ganesh says:

    not working

  • Hughs says:

    Arjun New trick to share animated gifs on facebook?

  • manisa says:

    not working