Reply Option for Comments in Facebook Pages [Update]

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We know a fact that a person who updates his knowledge daily will last long in this world. As the world is more competitive, it is much essential to know about the latest updates occurring in this world. Even, when a company recruits a person, it is not sure that the recruited person will last long in that company. The company in which he is recruited uses a person only who have an updated knowledge. Not only inside such companies, but also in the real world. When generations go by, people likes latest technologies and features. If Google had had the same homepage, users might have got bored. They update their interface, bring new features for search and change their search algorithm very often. Likewise, Facebook too does the same. Introduction of Timeline, New Message view and more have made Facebook users to stay on their social network. Now, some of the Facebook pages have got Reply option in comments.

Not all pages have got this update. Facebook must be rolling out this update for all pages. The reply option is like the one which we see on blog comments. A Reply option is added near the Like option in comments. Anyone can reply to a comment on Facebook. This option has its unique function. When someone replies to a comment, the replied comment appears somewhat intended to the right. As we can't tag any stranger in a comment, the reply option can let them know that a person has pointed out his comment.

Earlier, if a page has posted a question as a status and if a fan comments on that status, and if someone wants to reply to that comment, he may either use ^ symbol or @ symbol. While using the @ symbol, only if the person is in his friend list, he can let him know. Now any person can reply to any comments that is posted in a page's status or photo. When one replies to a comment, he gets notification the someone has replied.


Reply Option on Facebook

The feature sounds good but it will be much better if Facebook rolls out the feature for profiles too. The reply option can bring more fun to the people but sometimes fight. The Reply option might make a page to reach more people than earlier.

There is a craze for actors and actresses in this world. I have seen some people fighting for their best artists. Now people can have more fun in it as far it doesn't go more serious.

The reply option is available both in status and photo comments. If a comment is replied, one can't reply to the replied comment. The replied comment won't have a reply option but it contains a like button as usual.

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