20 Reasons Why Google+ is Unique From Facebook

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People are now moving to Google+ from Facebook after so many changes seen on Google+. The changes not only brought features to Google+ but also has made users easier and handy to connect with people. Though Facebook seems to be containing a lot of users than Google+, the internet giant Google is trying hard to connect their social network with various products so that people could see the real social networking on the internet. Learn why Google+ is unique from Facebook.

I've been using Google+ for few months and I saw the power of social networking much better than I experienced with Facebook. Here are 20 reasons why Google+ is unique from Facebook.

1. Stunning Design with Animation

Stunning Google+ Design - Why Google+ is unique


Unlike Facebook, Google+ has got a wonderful design which apparently made the users to enjoy using the site. The design is responsive which means, it has the capability to adapt on different sized display screen, no matter your device's size is. Animation while switching through different pages has also impacted well with Google+.

2. Animated GIFs

Google+ Animations

Google+ is more fun with animated GIFs which they have allowed from the very beginning. These animations have attracted a lot of people. The number of shares and "+1" for such type of posts is high than usual. Troll pictures that are getting viral on Facebook may have some animation in future to bring more fun to people.

3. Recovery of Deleted Photos

Recover Deleted Photos on Google+

Google+ doesn't wants you to wipe away your data permanently at once when you decide to delete. Human's mind often changes and not stable every time. Thus, Google+ provides "Trash" to recover your deleted photos which you made intentionally or accidentally.

4. GMail Integration

Email Friends on Google+

Without knowing someone's email address of a person you follow, you could easily send them email via Google+ if you are connected. The automatic instantiation while typing email address from Gmail.com also shows up Google+ profiles whom you may email. This has made social networking and information sharing easier than usual.

5. Quality of Photos is not much Compressed

Photo compression is usual on almost all social networking sites but a loss less compression is always recommended. Google+ does not make your original photo look bad. The compression ratio is lower than that of Facebook so that your memories looks neat forever.

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6. Edit/Enhance Photos

Photo editing on Google+

Profile Pictures are meant to be cool for you to connect with people you know. Google+ provides a feature to edit your profile picture before sharing it on your own stream. Editing is as easy as nail polishing as you don't require any Photoshop skills or similar one.

7. No Edit History

Recently, Facebook introduced this feature but showed the "Edit history" to people. Google+ doesn't show the Edit history but shows that the post has been edited, that too not directly to the user. People need to view the details of the post to get such information. "Why do people watch me if I am wrong if I'm already corrected?"

8. Automatic Hash Tagging

Auto hash tag on Google+

Hashtags are powerful which was seen on Twitter for the first time. It makes a post to be viewed by more people than usual. Some hash tags are reserved for a particular event. Google+ makes your post more visible to people by tagging in appropriate hash tags automatically.

9. Wide Featured and Popular Posts on Stream

Google+ Stream has got several posts but at the same time it finds some interesting or popular posts for the people to see easily. For example, when your friend with whom you are closely connected with uploads several photos, Google+ tries to show such post in a wide manner.

10. Share Directions with Friends

Share directions on Google+

The integration of Google+ and Google Maps has done good for people to connect. After marking directions on Google Maps to a destination, you can easily share them with your friends in a single click. Facebook lacks this wonderful feature though it is trying to integrate with Bing maps. Sharing directions from Bing Maps is not easy as you make from Google Maps. Google+ also shows reviews about a place from friends you are connected with.

11. Quick Texts to Share

Quick texts for quick share

We could see people copy pasting the text "Happy birthday" on Facebook for every people whom they are connected with celebrates their birthday. Google+ adds this quick text on the text box when you share. You may optionally add any other message while sharing. So, few clicks for people to share content.

12. No Advertisements

Google+ isn't making money through ads. The quote from a well popular movie The Social Network (2010) stands apt here: "You don't wanna ruin it with ads because ads aren't cool". Ads may not be irritating always but looks more cluttered to the design. You want to see the content only from the things you follow.

13. Disable Comments and Replies for a post

Some company pages would like to share information with people but not to hear bad comments from certain people who could put down their company's name. Google+ has brought a feature to disable comments and shares for a post.

14. See how far your post was shared

Google Plus Ripples

Google+ Ripples has shown a diagrammatic view to you on how far your posts have been reached and shared. This could make page owners to analyze about their posts and makes them share appropriate content that are liked by the audience.

15. Notifications

Google+ has collapsed all read notifications so that you don't get confused when you are opening the notification icon again. Unlike Facebook, Google+ do not bring you spam notifications from apps. I am really tired with app requests which I receive everyday on Facebook.

16. Unique Identity for all Google Products

Your Google+ profile is the identity for every Google Product which you are using. Google is well-organized and connected where other Google products can obtain information from your Google+ profile easily. You don't have to provide your personal information again to get connected with.

17. Google+ Authorship

Google+ Authorship for Bloggers

Google+ Authorship is a boon to bloggers world-wide. This has increased the bloggers reputation a far better. People who search on popular search engine, Google also could connect with such content writers for more help that they may require for particular posts.

UPDATE: This feature has been removed by Google as the company believes that this information isn't any way helpful to people who are searching for content.

18. Profile and Photo Views

Profile Views on Google+

I think Google+ is taking the advantage of spam getting viral on Facebook. Have you ever seen the Facebook spam saying that you can see the number of people who visited your timeline? Trust me, they are just the random numbers based on certain algorithm which the app developers have created. Google+ has recently introduced the number of profile views. Google+ was already showing the Photo views back earlier.

19. Manage your Page while you are busy with Hangouts

Google+ is really different from Facebook. Unlike Facebook, you can manage your page and also work with your profile simultaneously.

20. Non-cluttered Stream

Google+ has provided a way to switch between two different layouts which a user can set whatever is comfortable with him or her. The stream looks more neat and beautiful than Facebook's new and so-called "improved" News Feed which was introduced recently.


Google+ is handy and portable as you could use on various Google products to get connected with. There are both pros as well as cons on Google+. The con that Google+ faces is, the site is heavy with designs and scripts that tries to make user interface amazing. Google+ is slow while loading for many internet users who use a connection with below-average speed.

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Share this article with your friends and peers...

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