Post Animated GIF on Facebook like Google+ [2014 Working Trick]

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I am today excited to write this post on how to post animated GIF on Facebook like Google+. Few months ago, we are researching a lot of tricks to insert animated pictures on a Facebook post, upload animated cover photos and post in groups. However, as this is not allowed directly by Facebook, the team go ahead and fix the bug which allowed us to upload such pictures. The main reason why Facebook doesn't allow posting animated pictures or GIF images is, those pictures make the site to load slow. Facebook tries to preserve the quality of the site by not allowing GIFs.

Google+ allows animated pictures. Yeah! As we can experience, the Google+ loads a lot slower than other sites you visit. However, today's internet speeds doesn't makes any difference.

As the title framed above, this trick does not allow you to post big animated pictures like photos as we do on Google+ but still, your desired GIF image can be posted on your friend's news feed without losing the animation.


To post animated GIF on Facebook like Google+, you will require following prerequisites.

  1. Obviously, a Facebook account
  2. public group

Follow the below steps to post animated GIF on Facebook. Before getting into this tutorial, understand that this trick might be patched anytime by Facebook. If this trick isn't working for you, then you probably have gone wrong or Facebook might have patched the trick already. We will update this post if Facebook patches this trick.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Open a public group. This is required to upload your animated GIF to post on Facebook.

Step 3: Upload your GIF image by selecting Add File.

Step 4: Right click on Download button and choose Copy link address.

Upload Animated GIF on Facebook like Google+

Step 5: The copied link will look like the below URL.

Delete some part of the link and make it look like this.

So you are going to remove 'download' and the name of the file from the link.

Step 6: Insert the new link into the below code.

<img src="PASTE_THE_LINK_HERE" />

Replace PASTE_THE_LINK_HERE with your link.

Step 7: Open your Facebook Notes and insert the above code by creating a new note. Give a title for your Note that is suitable for your animation.

Post Animated GIF on Facebook

Step 8: After publishing your Note, you will get a message: View the note here. Click on "here" and copy the link shown in address bar of your web browser. However, you may find that your picture isn't animating in the shown page but this is normal. Proceed to next step!

Step 9: Now paste the URL in the below link.



Replace YOUR_NOTES_LINK_HERE with your notes link.

Step 10: After modifying the above link with your note link, paste it in the address bar and hit Enter.

And voila! Share your animated GIF easily on Facebook from now.

The above method will not keep a big animated picture on your followers' news feed. Your animated GIF will be animating on your followers' news feed as a link thumbnail. Anyone who clicks on that link will take them to your Notes page.

If you still have any queries, please comment below and we are happy to help you.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Ano says:

    Video-Tutorial ???

  • Amaan says:

    Awesome man, I always wondered the same. There are few pages based on this too, but they never shared the trick. But now, will post gifs on their timeline, LOL 😀

    • Arjun says:

      Information should be free and knowledge should be shared! 😀

      • Pratik says:

        hey buddy .. nice post .. but i have tried exactly what you have said .. instead of showing the gif it shows the NOTE link in the timeline not even a thumbnail

        • Arjun says:

          Yes. The image might not be animating in the timeline but gets animated in news feed and on post page (the page which you see when you click on time stamp of the post). this is normal! 🙂

  • star says:

    "Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains." ???

  • nguyennguyenhuy says:

    i can't, I did everything right, but after step 10, haven't what happened

  • Amit Sarkar says:

    Step 9: Now paste the URL in the below link.

    Replace YOUR_NOTES_LINK_HERE with your notes link.

    Where is the Link???

  • zura says:

    help me not working

  • yhamxtrm says:

    its not working, the GIF not animating

  • sachin says:

    after step 9 lost completely make it simple

  • mark says:

    STEP 9:

    This content is locked!


  • Achmad Fazri says:

    Thank you, sukses guys..

  • Shiranos Talos says:

    Hi, can i use this to set an animated gif as my cover photo?

    Thanks ahead,