Orkut Shuts Down : First Social Networking Site For Most Indian Teenagers

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Orkut was the first social networking site for most of the teenaged at the age groups ranging from 19 to 24. Though countries like United States had MySpace as their favourite social networking site, Orkut was the favourite social networking site for countries like India and Brazil in the year 2008. It was Facebook which imported several or almost everyone from Orkut. The old and the classic social networking website was first founded by Orkut Büyükkökten, a Google employee who launched the site on January 24, 2004. Yes, the time almost Facebook was started. Now, Orkut shuts down.

We remember most of the fun moments which the first social networking site gave. At times when most of the Indians didn't use own Internet connection for chatting with friends, or sharing photos with them. Kids often visited Internet café for having fun on Orkut. In fact, I'm one of them.

What were most fun on Orkut? What people were doing the most? Do anyone remember? I have listed some which I do remember.

  • Chatting through scraps just to increase the scrap count. We never minded about the privacy. Perhaps, Privacy settings on Orkut was too limited.
  • Joining communities and our learning was made much fun with people with similar interests.
  • Participating or conducting poll contests and asking your friends to vote for you. Do anyone remember the "best dp" contest which is often conducted in several communities on Orkut?
  • Hard try to earn new badge on Orkut which was introduced lately on a newer version.

And much more..

The day when we get to know about Orkut..

It was from friends who introduced the all new website that allows us to chat with people around the world. Honestly speaking, this is how I signed up for Orkut. A friend of mine said that his brother has got a girlfriend on Orkut and they're now close to each other. It's normal for almost every male to get excited when he gets to know a way to have a girlfriend.

The next day, I signed up for Orkut and searched for girls near by. Hardly after few months, my friend list grown up to 500 friends.

The Scrapbook Craze

If you didn't care about the privacy while you were on Orkut, I'm sure that you must have cared a lot about increasing the scrap count. Orkut had an awesome concept of scrapbook but still, people realised later that about open privacy.

Status updates and Photos

Like the craze seen today on Facebook and Instagram, photo and status updates craziness were also found at times of Orkut. Orkut didn't contain a well spaced news feed but showed updates in a section present in the homepage.

Scrap on your friend's birthday!

Writing a scrap on your friend's birthday was fun than the timeline on Facebook which today's teenagers use to write. Yes! Orkut sucks now but has its own features and memories.

Orkut will not be available from tomorrow, September 30, 2014 but you can take back up of your photos and other personal data using Google Takeout.

Things which Geeks and Hackers did..

Geeks and other tech enthusiasts were very much eager in increasing their profile fans, scrap count, community members and more. People were finding a lot of bugs in the Orkut code and making the best out of it.

Orkut Shuts Down

Some of the things which you might remember if you are a geek or a hacker!

  • Your Orkut account with 100,000+ scraps, a dream indeed!
  • Bulk votes
  • Creating a very large amount of fake accounts just by continuously entering the CAPTCHA alone.
  • HTML and CSS formatted scraps. I often used italics and a text-shadow CSS property to scrap friends.
  • Picture in the place of status update where a nerd can actually insert a text only!
  • People often got trapped with phishing pages.
  • Music in your profile's about page.

And more.

If you have your memories with Orkut, please share them in comments and let us know your sweet memories.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Amaan says:

    Orkut, my first social network. 🙂

  • Abijith says:

    RIP Orkut :'( :'( and meanwhile we can welcome windows9