Insert Animated Pictures on Facebook Cover Photo and Life Event [How to]

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Facebook tricks are always cool and can't beat up others. However, a trick becomes an additional feature to Facebook though it was not provided by Facebook officially. Tricks are always found by programmer, but in some cases it may be people who don't know programming too. Finding bugs and showing off the with that to their friends will be more unique because other friends find something new on Facebook. In this case, people will like the most and will share them. Recently I saw some of the cover pictures and Life Event pictures to be animating in some of the profiles. I don't know how they upload. But found some clue. Previously, there was a trick for sharing pages with animated pictures but Facebook patched them. But still, some of the photo albums contained animated pictures. The animated pictures on Facebook was not a custom one. The one we tried to insert while sharing pages appeared in people's life events and timeline cover pictures.

Animated Picture Cover Picture

Now, I guess something. People do this kind of steps to insert animated pictures on cover photo and life events on Facbook timeline. Facebook don't allow any GIF images or animated pictures to upload. Even though, we upload, Facebook makes the picture to a static one. A trick to upload Animated pictures to Facebook photo album was available before few months.


Inserting Animated or GIF Cover photo:

Animated Cover picture Timeline

I hope, you saw the above picture as their cover picture in many of the profiles, right? If you have seen other than this, please share below in comment.

Step 1: Finding Timeline containing animated pictures. If you don't find any, you may use my profile. I have my cover picture as an animated one. you may tag the picture with my cover. The tricky way to insert animated picture is only carried out by finding someone who have their cover picture an animated one.

Step 2: Tag yourself on their cover photo.

Step 3: Change your cover picture. Choose your cover picture from picture from photos. Select the animated picture in which you got tagged. If I should say in a raw manner, then, Change Cover > Choose from photos > View Albums > Photos of you. Now select the picture in which you got tagged. You're done! Your cover picture will be an animating one now.

choose from photos

Inserting Animated Pictures or GIF Images on Life Events:

Well, the step looks like the same.

Step 1: Find a person or page with animated picture. Here, an advantage is, you may insert small sized animated images or animated pictures on life event photos as it doesn't require large size photo but cover picture needs some minimum size that required to fit in your timeline.

Step 2: Tag yourself in that picture.

Step 3: Now go to your timeline, in the place where you upload status, choose Life events. Travel & Experiences, then choose Other Life event. This is not compulsory that you should choose this type. you may choose any life event.

Step 4: Now, provide a name for the event (mandatory) and the year or month or date it took place (can be anything; not mandatory). Choose from photos > View Albums > photos of you. Then choose the picture that you got tagged.

I looks that people tag their friends and the process goes on like a chain.

I couldn't find a method to upload animated pictures on my own but still, I won't say, I can't. I will try my level best to bring you the trick for uploading animated pictures on Facebook. I also remember that Facebook has patched animated pictures. But still, let's try for something. If you do research on the same, you may contact me.

Drop your doubts and thoughts in comments here.

UPDATE 1: We have made an alternate method to insert animated pictures on Facebook Cover photos and Life events. The alternate method will work on Facebook Pages too. Check here.

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  • Robin says:

    Any demo profile that is using Animated picture ?


  • Eran says:

    can you tell how does it works?
    and aprove me as your friend 🙂
    (it's very intersting trick)

    • Arjun says:

      Those pictures were uploaded few months ago when a trick (bug) to upload animated pictures on photo albums existed. Now, the trick was patched by Facebook totally. But the pictures were animating. Those pictures can now be made as a cover picture and life event picture by tagging. Goes like a chain. Once a person approves your tag, you may set his cover picture as yours by choosing from photos. You may share it with your friends after you set them as cover.

  • Eran says:

    and do you know who to make it in fan page?


    • Arjun says:

      As the photo is not uploaded really (I mean it goes on a tagging process), we can't place it in a page. If any trick is available, I will update in this site, CryptLife.

    • Arjun says:

      Now, It's possible to insert cover photos and Life event photos on Facebook Fan Page. I have updated the post. Check it.

  • Eran says:

    THANKS !!!!

    do you have any selection of timeline images
    or just the cat?

  • manoj says:

    we also successfully implemented the trick on our page

  • XxLUCIDxX says:

    Is there any way to upload a gif on your own?
    If there is, how?

  • ross says:

    i cant see the "photos of you" album once i go to change cover > albums ?

    i can see it how ever if i look at photos normally ? :S


    • Arjun says:

      When you go to Change Cover > Choose from Photos, it will display either album list or will open previously accessed ablum.
      If it shows you list of albums, then you can see "Photos of you" album.
      If it shows photos from any of your albums, then you can directly right click any image and choose Inspect element.

  • Julia says:

    So, I made the photo my coverphoto, but it's not moving???

  • Nhuel says:

    Can you show me how to upload a animated photo that I want (on computer)???

  • Umad says:

    Sorry, I reported this gif to Facebook and now it's a static picture.

  • Prakash jangir says:

    hi, bro can i want to ask you that why facebook dont want to animate pics on profile timeline or others.....i also tried your trick for upload animating pictures on covers but bro , its not animating.......

    • Arjun says:

      The trick has been patched by Facebook now. For now, there are no ways to insert animated pictures. But still, we try harder to post animated pictures on Facebook. Stay tuned with us.

  • basel says:

    isn't there any other photos ??

    • Arjun says:

      When this trick was working, this (Firing Cat) is the only picture which worked on Cover Spaces. But, some of the pictures uploaded in the Life Event is still working but the trick is patched.

      • scv says:

        I am impressed with your compu savvyness. What may be reason as why FB does not allow gifs to be uploaded? If you know please answer.

        • Arjun says:

          Dear SCV,
          GIFs will eat lot of memory and page load time. Facebook wants to provide users, the website at great speed with less memory. Also, most of the programmers aim at creating a software or application that occupies less memory and takes less time to do the particular task.

          When these GIFs exists on Facebook, then they might make the site slower. This might make the quality of Facebook to get degraded. People are able to upload such pictures with a hole existing on their code. When Facebook detects such things, they fix it.

  • It work fine for you even now in 2013? I tried it, but, without success. 🙁

  • ghouse says:

    dude i want to put gif as my cover pic men plzz help me how to put tell me

  • ymel says:

    I want my own animated gif operating 🙂

  • souzan says:

    i made an animated gif . how can i upload and share it from my computer to facebook event. thanx

  • Devendra says:

    Good Article