How To: Like all Posts on Facebook News Feed or Timeline

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We are back with Facebook tricks again! We want to get likes on our Facebook profile, for which we follow certain strategies. One of the most vital strategy that we assume is, "Like others' photo and they will like ours back." Even if we don't like someone's photo, we like their photo when it appears on our news feed just because we need likes to our photos from that person when we upload a profile picture or upload some random photos. Here is a way to like all posts on Facebook news feed or timeline at a single click.

This will be helpful in various cases - on a group, a timeline, a page, news feed or events. Now, let us talk about punching likes on posts that appear on Facebook news feed.

Steps to Like all Posts

  1. Login to your Facebook account and head to your news feed.
  2. For liking more number of posts, scroll to bottom and let more posts load on your news feed so that you see a large number of posts to like.
  3. Press F12 and hit Esc key for Console window to appear.
  4. Copy the below script and hit Enter.
    for(i=0;i<document.getElementsByClassName('UFILikeLink').length;i++) { document.getElementsByClassName('UFILikeLink')[i].click(); }
  5. After pasting, the window appears like this:
    Like all posts on Facebook
  6. This script will like all posts and comments on Facebook news feed.

You can also try out on your profile or timeline. Go to your friend's timeline and start following from Step #2.


Tip: If you want all comments of a particular post to be liked, go to the specific post by clicking on the time stamp of the post and execute the script.

Birthday post likes

If your timeline is full of birthday wishes, you can use this script to like all posts in one go. We are working on bulk replying comments for birthday wishes on Facebook. We will be posting on CryptLife as soon as we crack the script. Stay subscribed!

If you have any comments, please drop them below.

UPDATE: No longer working. Working on a new script.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Gilbert says:

    Its like a give and take kind of thing approach and it seems to really work and I find it effective. Liking someones post on a regular basis will come back to you in the form of likes whenever you make a status update on your page.

  • Siddhu says:

    Spammy? Is there any possibility that I will blocked from liking for few days if I do this

  • what a great idea Arjun! its really helps as social media become more and more popularize nowadays.

  • Chris says:

    OMG !

    Awesome man !
    i thought it will not work but i am amazed , hats off

    Thanks a lot...

  • Abrar böömex says:

    Superb way to like all posts!

  • HK SAH says:

    it says ''VM6027:2 Uncaught TypeError: document.getelementsbyclassname is not a function(…)''

  • vince says:

    unexpected identifier .. how to fix that?

  • Lolaim says:

    Is there a way to make it only like the posts and not the comments?? I mean.. liking all the comments.. can be awkward --" since sometimes there are comments where ppl are talking to each other etc..

  • Anonymous says:

    Confirmed not to work, as mentioned by serveral other individals with others websites related to my search though java is case sensitive though is not the case on this one.

    **OUT DATED**
    Dont use will not work on your attempt,
    try Facebook Social Tool Kit for an alternative that licensed but is free if you look up the licensed
    version and is easy process.

    Anonymous out..

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Anonymous,

      We have updated that it's not working anymore. This code is Javascript and not Java. And Javascript is case-sensitive too. We will try to push out a new code. Facebook keeps updating their code and this which was working before isn't working anymore.