How to: Download videos from Facebook [Working Trick]

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A Private method to share videos on web is uploading to Facebook. Most of the people thinks so and some of the short film directors and other video editors, to maintain privacy for their video, they upload to Facebook so that people can only view the video and they won't be able to download it. People may share but downloading the original video becomes impossible. Most of the page administrators post videos to get more likes to their page and also a safe method that could not be imitated same by other pages. Other pages may share that video but won't be able to download and post it on their page as though they did it.

I have found a method to download Facebook videos to your computer in MP4 format. Earlier, there were sites to download Facebook videos. We might have downloaded the videos just by providing the link of the Facebook video page to the site. The site automatically detects the video link in the page and provides you a link to download. But after the changes from Facebook, these websites are now inactive for downloading Facebook videos.

Now, you can download the videos directly to your computer if you follow these steps. Videos can occur in News feed area or will be available in Photos Tab in a Facebook profile. If you can get the video post on News Feed or someone's wall you may follow the instructions from Step 6 directly.


Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Go to someone's profile whose video you want to download.

Step 3: Click on Photos Tab and then choose Videos at the top.

Step 4: Now click on a video which you want to download.

Step 5: Click on Share button to share the video to your timeline. This makes the download process more easier. If you want privacy, change the privacy setting to Only Me so that other people may not see your activity.

Step 6: Now navigate to using Mozilla Firefox so that you will get an older version of Facebook mobile site which is used to download videos. The old Facebook mobile interface is mainly for basic mobile users which can play videos only if the site provides the direct link of the video. This advantage can be used for downloading the video in computer.

Step 7: Go to your profile from the mobile site.

Step 8: The shared video will be displayed on your profile. Just right click on the video thumbnail and choose Save Link As... option. Give a name to the video and click on Save button.
You're done now! You may play the video using VLC media player or Winamp or any other media tool that supports MP4 video.

Need any help in this tutorial? Drop your comments below. CryptLife is happy in helping people.

If you find, a video tutorial may be good to follow, then you may watch this.
[youtube _10Qa1MOssk]

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  • CALWIN T says:

    enda idhu periya visayama??

  • Jason says:

    How can I download this video? Tried several but only the commercial part, not the real video itself. Tried your above way also only the introduction part.


  • harsh says:

    Ur blog is awssome XD \m/ \m/

  • harsh says:

    hey Arjun pls help its not working ... wen i clik on save link as it is saved as an html document n its kindy werd .... 🙁

    • Arjun says:

      I have updated this post by inserting a video. Please follow the steps as shown in the video. May be, you might have missed some step. The video might help you to download the video from Facebook.

  • isel says:

    AWESOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!

  • naveen says:

    hi friends plz help me out how to download mp4 videos directly through mobile.

    • Arjun says:

      Hi Naveen, You may need to use Firefox web browser. When you are on Firefox, navigate to Facebook Mobile Site. Reach the video you want to download. Right Click on the video and click on "Save Link As". You are done!

  • Meiji says:

    Arjun, when you share the video to your timeline on "only me"
    will the owner of that video get a notification that his video has been shared?

  • B\T.will says:

    This sounds cool, but for those of us who prefer to use chromium browsers, it's also possible to use Torch browser, it's great for my needs.

  • JaeSamSoon says:



  • sam says:

    thank u so much.u r great.

  • Ria Glaiza says:

    wow... amazing I've been searching on the net how to download videos from facebook page, and your post is great help.. now I can download videos from friends I wanted to have copy..
    thank you soooo much!!

  • Linda says:

    This trick used to work until I had to re-do firefox because of a slide show that was not work. Now that the slide show work I have lost the right click save link as on the video.

    • Linda says:

      Arjun I think I figured out why this won't work. When I go to the mobile site instead of a thumbnail view of the video it shows a very big video that goes from one side to the other. I'm not sure how to get the thumbnail view on mobile to see if my right click save file as will show up. On the big video it doesn't. Maybe you have an idea how to do this.

  • Michele says:

    This worked a treat. So grateful as it helped me download a video from my daughter's funeral wake.

  • lopa says:

    Nice way!
    I keep downloading with work great for me

  • flashy says:

    thank you, it works!.

  • Stan says:

    Do i have to use firefox?