Facebook India Deals with removal of Fake accounts seriously

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Facebook, the leading social networking site has already a feature that can make a fake Facebook account to wipe out or remove from Facebook. Just when people reports a profile, and when they get a large number of requests, Facebook will come to a decision to delete a reported profile or page. Now, Facebook India has tightened up the monitoring of Fake accounts that are wandering on Facebook. Recently, spammers have developed bots to create Fake Facebook accounts in bulk. The  aim was just to increase "likes" for Facebook pages and posts.

Facebook India removes Fake accounts

Some of the business pages has also increased "likes" using such bots. Facebook India has come up with a decision to remove all Facebook fake accounts created by Indians. The country is already in worry about spread of "rumors". Recently, Indian government limited the SMS limit per day which was later announced as unlimited. Usage of Facebook has been increased in India. There are some rumors that are spreading on Facebook. Though Fake accounts may or may not be responsible for spreading rumors, Facebook wants to maintain their brand and provide people appropriate services full fledged and to the right real person.


Facebook will suspect a profile as a fake profile when a Facebook account satisfies the following criteria:

  1.  A profile containing an universal or common name rather than a proper name.
  2. A profile containing less friends.
  3. A profile containing profile picture of a celebrity or a cartoon character.

If a Facebook account satisfies the above criteria, Facebook will suspect that the account is fake and prompts the user to confirm the identity. Facebook might even ask for a valid proof or identity for the profile.

You might have seen some people who tells that they have received lot of friend requests and have got large amount of likes on their page. If the particular person is not famous, he might not have got large number of friend requests or likes on his profile or page. He must have used some bots that can create mass amount of fake Facebook accounts and can get them lot of friend requests. Facebook will suspect the accounts that they have created and will ask for valid identity. Unless they provide a valid identity, the account will be of no use.

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Share this article with your friends and peers...

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