Emoji for Facebook is Back again [Official update]

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Emoji is the Japanese word which refers to a graphical text or pictorial text. An Emoji will contain an ASCII ( American Standard Code for Information Interchange) value just like any character on your keyboard. Emojis may be both animated or non animated. But, what's the reason to discuss about Emoji now is, Facebook has integrated the Emoji for Facebook Messenger for both iPhone and Android. Facebook has updated its Facebook App and Messenger App for iPhone and Android recently. People say that Facebook App for iPhone improved a lot and it's more faster than ever. And, also people using Facebook messenger feels good about Emoji for Facebook Messenger.

The recent update for FacebookApp has brought three attractive feature and improvements where, people likes the most. One, is, the speed and efficiency of the App is increased to the most. The second is, the picture viewer. Now, Facebook allows you to view pictures in large size on your mobile device.

Facebook App Update


The new feature about the recent update on Facebook messenger is, new message sounds. Whenever you receive new messages from your friends on Facebook, your mobile just gives a sound to notify you. The messenger will also show the last logged in status and time of your friend. This feature is a unique feature for the mobile messenger application. May be, Facebook might bring to desktop messenger or Facebook full site too later. Why is say this is, the "seen" feature which we saw on Facebook chat recently was first introduced in Facebook mobile messenger. After that, it was implemented in Facebook site.

When tap on the people on Fcebook messenger, it shows you an option to view his timeline, and when you tap them, you will be driven to his/ her Facebook Timeline using the Facebook App.

Emoji and View Timeline Facebook

I kept the title for this article as Emoji for Facebook is Back again because people were posting the animated pictures on Facebook status, that is Emoji for Facebook using applications. Later, Facebook patched it to increase the efficiency of Facebook experience. I wish Facebook should bringthe emoji for Facebook full site too because, everyone like such emoticons. Emoticons are the smartest way to express feelings and emotions with your friends on computer chat. Emojis are really smart and also an attractive one to be integrated on Facebook.

I've received a message from my friend, Raaz who uses his iPhone frequently. The smileys were quite different. I thought he might have used the [[username]] technique, but when I hovered on the smileys he sent, it didn't showed anything. I was not able to copy too. I asked him about this. He said that Facebook messenger has added a feature to insert Emojis.

 Emoji for Facebook Messenger

This really sounded good. I wish, Facebook will bring this feature soon on desktop version. Also, I liked the "Last Login" feature in the Facebook mobile messenger. I wish that also to be brought in Facebook desktop version. No cheater can escape, right? People sometimes come online, check for messages and notifications. Some people are clever enough that they don't make their messages as read because "seen" feature might make them caught.

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Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • sid says:

    I'm too eagerly waiting for it to be integrated in the full web version.
    It helps a lot in expressing our feeling.