Digital India is No Way Related with Zuckerberg's

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Digital India is a purely Prime Minister Modi's initiative for the betterment of India to have a digitally connected country. As science and technology have become an important part of a country's growth, the importance of making India into a Digital India is very much concerned by the Prime Minister. Digital India is no way related with Zuckerberg's

Rumours have been started to spread that Mark Zuckerberg is silently promoting his (now called as FreeBasics).

FreeBasics is an initiative of Mark Zuckerberg to provide basic internet access to people who are not yet connected to the internet. After this initiative, there came an issue called "Net Neutrality," stating that no one can restrict access to the internet, as abiding the law of Tim Bernes-Lee.


Facebook works for the mission to connect everyone in the world through Internet, with the help of their platform. is an initiative to provide basic services to people who do not have experience on what Internet provides. It believes that providing basic services like, jobs, health, education, finance and more will help people to get on the next level of human life.

This initiative, though looks against "Net Neutrality," empowers people who have got no access to Internet before. When something good happens with limited resources, it creates a great impact on global status. and Net Neutrality can co-exist. Imagine, what if, didn't exist and people who have got no access to Internet are still without Internet. It has provided people with basic services required to jump-start the next phase of better life.

Providing such services makes 1 in 10 people to have a better life than the life he/she lived previously over internet.

Today, the whole world supports Digital India by changing to a tri-color profile picture.

Social media being the most powerful tool will make the world more connected and corrected. Corrected? Yes. Politicians can often check with social media whether they are performing right or not.

Some of the people were saying that Facebook is silently promoting their They were suspecting about the source code of page that allows users to change the tri-color profile picture. The source code contained _internetOrgProfilePicture_prideAvatar as CSS class name.

Digital India

This does not mean that Facebook is silently promoting The is a free service which also becomes a part of making India a Digital India. Despite the, Prime Minister Modi has analysed and devised numerous set of plans for India. is a part that can contribute in making a Digital India. Most of the popular Internet ventures like Ola, Snapdeal, Flipkart, MySmartPrice are growing at a fast pace and this would soon change the future of India.

Citizens of India could also see changes in the country.

Instead of criticising what people who can, are contributing their part to the world, we can support them.

If you have any comments, please feel free to share your thoughts.

UPDATE: TheHuffingtonPost contacted Facebook regarding the issue and this is the reply from a Facebook engineer:

There is absolutely no connection between updating your profile picture for digital India and An engineer mistakenly used the words " profile picture" as a shorthand name he chose for part of the code. But this product in no way connects to or registers support for We are changing the code today to eliminate any confusion.

So as we already analysed, is not related when you support for Digital India.

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