Have Custom Name for Google Plus account [How to]

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A shortened URL can be made use for sharing a page on the internet in the reality. Usually, when we share a Facebook profile in reality, it really becomes more safer and easier to share your profile with your friends or colleagues using the username or custom name for Facebook account. Similarly, when we tried to have a custom name for Google Plus account, we couldn't succeed as Google Plus didn't provide a feature to have custom names for people and pages. But still, a third party service, gplus.to can be used to have custom name for Google Plus account. Learn how to do this, here in this article.

The easiest way to share your Google Plus account is, only by using Email address or the display name of the profile but, really, it becomes unsafe when you share your profile using Email address. when you are shareing your profile with the display name, your friend finds very difficult to find exactly you on Google Plus. Most of the people in the world might be having your name as theirs. So, it will be much easier and safer when we call a profile using custom name or username.

Just navigate to gplus.to and type any custom name for your Google Plus account in the nick name text box. Now, just visit your own profile on Google Plus. Copy the ID of your Google Plus profile. The red colour rectangular box in the below picture shows the ID of the profile.


Custom Name for Google Plus

Just copy the ID and paste into the Your Google+ ID text box. Now, just hit on Add. If the nick name is available for you, you can take them, else you won't be getting the name. If a nick name you preferred is not available, then you must try again with different nick name.

Note: You can also shorten your Google Plus page URL using gplus.to.

I have shortened CryptLife's Google Plus page URL using gplus.to. The link becomes as follows:

Now I can redirect my fans, friends and people using the above short URL. This really becomes more easier to share. Start usoing gplus.to service and share your profiles with friends easily.

Comment your thoughts below regarding the Google Plus Profiole/ Page URL shortening service.

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