Share Music Status on Facebook with Friends: Coming Soon


You have many friends on Facebook. But really not all will be the people you really know. However, some will be more concern about their privacy on Facebook. It is considered to be the largest social networking site. You see, Facebook brings lots of changes to its website, both in terms of security and look. They also introduce new features that makes Facebook experience a better one. Well, these kind of updates are needed for improvement of the social site. This will also make people not to get bored by the site. I would like to share about upcoming feature on Facebook, that is, music status on Facebook. People are eagerly waiting for this.

For now, Music status can be shared in news feeds, that is if you are listening a music in MySpace, then if your Facebook account is linked with MySpace account, then your profile tells that you are hearing a music on MySpace. The new feature which is to said to be coming soon, will have a music note in the chat box of online friends. If you wish, you can listen to music what they are listening to. This feature, really sounds cool.

Sharing is a great functionality of a social networking site. Music sharing will be more interesting than picture or a post sharing. Most of the people have addicted to music. This will be a nice and most welcomed feature on Facebook.

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How it works?

For this feature, Facebook has some third party applications. When you hear music with those apps, your friends will see a music note in chat bar near your name. Apps like Rdio and Deezer seems to be providing these service. When you listen to any music using these apps, it shows a music note near your name on chat box to your friends. They can just hover to listen with you. You can also listen music with group of people in a chat.

This feature is already available in countries like United States, Canada, Finland, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Sweden.

I should say that other countries miss these features. Facebook must roll out this feature to all countries. Most welcomed feature. Sharing a music always happen with all. The vendors like Deezer and Rdio must also roll out services for other countries.

Share your thoughts in comments. Do you feel that Facebook must roll out the feature to all countries?

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