Service Disruption in GMail and Google Drive


GMail is one of the popular Email service provided to people all around the world. Business people communicate easily through Email service provided by GMail. For few minutes there was a service disruption in GMail services. The server was unable to handle too many requests. The problem has been resolved now. During this disruption, another service of Google was also down. The Google Drive, which is popular recently for cloud services also went down. The Google Apps users were also not able to check for Email when GMail was down.

After the issue was resolved, Google announced that they have resolved the issue and gave a link to check the app status. The link landed on a page where it showed information about current status of Google Apps. Their most popular App, Google Mail showed as Service Disruption.

GMail was down for 40 minutes whereas Google Drive was down for 3 minutes. When we saw the App status, it was found that GMailw as already in Service Disruption on December 7th, 2012. When GMail have become down, most of the users must have got annoyed and have switched to Hotmail, Yahoo or other Email services to send Email for them to continue with their business.

Another thing which made the people to annoy is, when GMail was loading on Google Chrome, some of the users’ Chrome crashed. Also, after the GMail was restored back to normal, some of the users were not able to access chat. Their chat service went disconnected.

There is a suspect that Google’s authentication system must have went wrong. Just a suspect and we can’t analyze it as a real one unless Google announce a public report or blog post about this issue. The current status of all Google Applications are running well and they don’t currently have any issues.

Meanwhile, people share on Facebook and Twitter that many sites have been hacked. Flipkart, a popular online shopping website was also down for few minutes. These news created fear on minds of some of the Google users.

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