See Friendship : Animated Pictures on Facebook Cover


I could see some animated pictures that are still animating on Facebook cover but not directly one’s timeline. I could notice that See Friendship interface on Facebook has been changed from wall to timeline. Now, even See Friendship page contains a cover picture and posts are arranged according to month on a timeline. By taking this as an advantage, people were able to post animated pictures on Facebook news feeds. The cover picture showed the recent picture which was tagged. Let’s see how you and your friend can have animated pictures on Facebook cover picture so that it could appear on See Friendship page.

First, I could see some of the people have animated pictures already on their timeline. So, just find such people on Facebook. Earlier, a trick worked to insert animated pictures on Facebook timeline but unfortunately, Facebook have patched the trick. The method of inserting animated pictures is not working now. Some of the uploaded have been flattened by Facebook but still many are working. Unfortunately, mine has been flattened.

But, I am happy that some of my friends who have used that trick could help me in posting animated pictures. Let me share the trick to do this trick with you.

Step 1: Find a person who has animated picture on their profile.

Step 2: Go to their photos and click on any picture that is animating. Usually, their profile info section called “History by year” will contain pictures.

Step 3: Let any picture to open in a theater view so that you can find whether the image animates or not.

Step 4: If it is animating, just tag yourself on that picture.

Step 5: Now go back to the timeline from whom you got the picture and click on the Gear which will be near Message/Call button. Hit on “See Friendship” and look at the cover picture. It animates with the picture that you got tagged.

No See Friendship button?

It means, you are not in friends with that person. Just grab the photo owner’s username or ID, then your can go the below link by replacing YOUR_ID with your username and PARTNER_ID with the one’s picture that you got tagged.

If you have any queries, you may comment below. Now, after landing to the See Friendship page, you can copy the URL and just post them as your status. The link preview will fetch you the animated picture. When your friends look on their news feed, it looks as though you posted animated pictures on Facebook.

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