Remove Watermark from Dubsmash Video [How To]


Dubsmash is a fast growing app that is trending on every youngster’s smartphone. The app has got a good concept of adding any short audio clips to a video captured from the phone’s camera. It has also done a great job in providing various support for sharing the video on social networking websites and apps. It’s actually an app created for entertainment purposes and not for subject to professional use. And that’s why the app do insert a watermark on creation of your video. If you want to actually remove watermark from Dubsmash video, then I’m sorry that this post isn’t for you but I have shared here another technique to hide the watermark on the video that you have created using Dubsmash.

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Technique: Changing Video Dimension to Remove Watermark

The technique is to crop the video size, just like you do for pictures so that the dimension of your video decreases but the watermark created by Dubsmash is removed.

Is it so important to remove watermark from Dubsmash video?

As the app is concerned for entertainment purposes, we don’t have to care much about the removal of watermark using such tedious techniques but people on several internet forums have already asked these questions and unhappily ended up in a negative answer.

Apparently, we do not have to download large software like Adobe Premiere just to remove the watermark of Dubsmash.

Here is a technique to remove watermark from Dubsmash video:

Using Dubsmashed

Unfortunately, there is no app on Play Store that removes or crops watermark from Dubsmash video but still, Android users are lucky to have an app that prepares video without watermark.
Xposed Module Repository has got Dubsmashed that makes this possible.
Get Dubsmashed on Xposed Module Repository.
Warning: Usage of apps from sites other than Play Store might harm your privacy or device. Be cautious before downloading Dubsmashed from the mentioned website.

On a Mac?

If you are a Mac user, it’s pretty easy to resize your video in order to remove Dubsmash watermark. Your OS X should contain iMovie by default. Make use of iMovie to resize the video.

Steps to remove watermark from Dubsmash video with iMovie:

  1. Fire up iMovie
  2. Go to File > Import Media
  3. Choose the Dubsmash video that you are going to edit.
  4. Use the Crop icon and click on Crop button that becomes visible on left to make transform of your video.
  5. Drag the edges and once you’ve made the watermark “” to hide, click on the Tick which is placed on the right side of the pane.
    Remove watermark from Dubsmash Video with iMovie
  6. Once you’ve done with hiding the watermark, click on the Share icon on the top of iMovie window to export as File.

On Windows?

Well, if you are on Windows, it’s not as easy as you do with a Mac.

Windows users will require two tools that can help you to remove watermark from Dubsmash video.

Tools Required:

  1. Zamzar Online Video Conversion Tool (Click here to Land on Zamzar)
  2. VirtualDub v1.10.4 (Download from Sourceforge)

By now, you should have copied your Dubsmash video file to your PC.


  1. Go to Zamzar website (I have mentioned the link above)
  2. With four simple steps, convert your video to MPG.
  3. Once the site has sent your the download link, it’s time to open the video with VirtualDub.Note: VirtualDub is a portable application to edit videos that weighs less than 2 MB.
  4. Open VirtualDub and choose File > Open Video File…
  5. Choose the MPG video file you have just downloaded from Zamzar.Once you have imported your video, you should see two same video file on the screen. The first one is the original video and the second one will be the output file with the changes that you are going to make now.
  6. Now press, Ctrl + F.
  7. Filters window will appear. Click on Add button.
  8. Select null transform from the Add Filter list and click OK.
    Remove watermark
  9. Now, on the Filters windows you should see the video size mentioned. Choose the size and click Cropping.
  10. Specify the Y2 value as 32 and click OK.
  11. Let other settings be same as selected by default.
  12. Click OK again on the Filters dialog box.
  13. Now, press F7 key to save the file as AVI. Choose a location and voila, you are done!

Now you should have a Dubsmash video without watermark. Time to share with your friends.

If you have got a better solution than the above mentioned methods, please do share in comments.

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