Proxy Marriage by Skype is Legal - Distance Never Matter in Love

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Now that gay marriage is legalized in many countries, it opens a new front in the battle for the most conservative sectors of society, with new practices and uses that would not be viable without the digital evolution of our lives. Recently the technology section of the BBC was set at the peak of the wedding by proxy caused by the proliferation of online romances.

Through a special power granted by the person can perform a marriage is fully valid in Paraguay, Argentina and Colombia. In Mexico it is legal, even more than in marriages, the figure of attorney is most often used in divorces. A wedding proxy turns out to be more expensive than a conventional one, but the process is the same.

In America, marriages proxy is often used to officiate weddings between soldiers, when the bride or groom (or both) are displaced in remote locations and are only legal in states like Colorado, Texas, California and Kansas. However, it is becoming more common, but in less quantity than with the military, seeing cases of international partners.


Proxy Marriage is Legal

There are even companies that specialize in the subject as  ProxyMarriageNow that manages all types of online matches, especially in El Salvador and the rest of Central America. In El Salvador it is possible to hold a wedding even with both members of the couple away, what is known as double proxy . Thus, the bride can be in Germany and groom in Greece. This type of wedding can also be made ”‹”‹in Brazil, but is even more costly.

But those who believe that such marriages of convenience foster weddings aimed at achieving the residence, apparently wrong. It is very difficult to do, because the authorities reviewed everything very well. Interviews are made members then interview them separately, so it's easy to tell if they are a couple or not.

In a world where more and more people know and matched on the net, it is normal to think that many circumstances can be given for this to be an option to consider. There remain many loose ends about what happens after the wedding and it seems a clear disaster for businesses that revolve around the wedding, like banquets., But instead may generate new needs imagination to power. Anyway, thanks to technology the highest marks when two people love no matter the distance. In Spain you will have to ask someone to make an inquiry to the Ministry of Justice, perhaps you can be a pioneer in the field and allow passing and especially if you buy an empty apartment.

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