[India] Tiranga: Profile Picture Change is Viral on WhatsApp/Facebook


Crazy modern people everywhere! A mass coverage of any events or proposals are possible through social media is proved. Social media have created a lot of impact over the people and society and has shown the power. People have gone crazy and starting protesting against several cause through this media. The trending way to protest about something is by changing the profile picture. People on Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp has now started to change their profile pictures for the upcoming country fest. Tiranga Flag is becoming as everyone’s display picture. No, I’m not talking about the movie, Tirangaa. Profile picture change is viral on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Before few months, when a rape case at Delhi was trending all over the world, people showed their support by changing their profile pictures on Facebook. Turning their display picture to a ‘black dot’ showed the support for brutal scene happened in Delhi.

Profile Picture Update for Delhi Cause

Certain people living in United States showed support for Marriage Equality on Facebook in the month of March, 2013.

In India, people have now started to change their profile pictures to Tiranga Flag (which means Tricolor Flag). To show the love and patriotism towards the country, this update on social media by the citizens of India is getting viral. However, this is not a mandatory action which is forced by the society or the government. People in India, as a celebration of Independence day are also downloading Independence day Facebook covers and WhatsApp DP.

A random forward messages are being broadcast on two most used social networks by Indians, namely Facebook and WhatsApp spreading a word to change profile pictures, not arrogantly.

A recent screenshot of WhasApp is show below. People have started to change their profile pictures on WhatsApp and Facebook before a week from the 68th Independence Day (August 14, 2014).

profile picture change is viral

Did you know what’s happening among Indian bloggers? They’ve started to spread the word about the 68th Independence Day with several newly created independence day blogs. With them, we wish you Happy Independence Day 2014.

Are the one who have updated your profile picture on Facebook or WhatsApp? Share your comments below.

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