How To Post via Facebook Mentions without Verified Profile


Facebook has published an app on App Store and Play Store exclusively for public figures, that is, anyone who has a verified profile can install Facebook Mentions on their smartphone. Facebook Mentions has an added advantage of publishing live video to fans and profiles. We are already familiar with a trick that lets you post via any applications. However, this trick has now faded but to post via Facebook Mentions is a tricky thing after the update made by Facebook in recent times.

After the update from Facebook, it has become tedious to find the App ID. Anyone can not access your profile ID as before. Previously, Facebook had a Graph API method that lets anyone on Facebook to get details of an account using any profile ID. After the recent update, Facebook requires an access token to view the details of the profile.

To update status via Facebook Mentions

For a simple text on Facebook to be posted via Facebook Mentions, you can go here.

To share link via Facebook Mentions

For an attachment like external links to be posted via Facebook Mentions, you can head here.

For changing the URL, after navigating to the previous link, look at the URL in the address bar.

You need to change the &link part of the URL. Replace with your link.

To add a custom photo to your link:

Append the &picture to the URL and specify the direct image link. Hence, if your image address is and the link you are trying to attach is, then the entire URL will look like the below format.

Make your friends on Facebook to cross-check your profile whether you’ve got a verified badge. Facebook Mentions is only for profiles that have blue verified badge or public figures. A post via Facebook Mentions will make you stand out of the crowd.

Happy Facebooking!

Coming Soon: To post via Facebook Mentions on Pages that do not have verified badge

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