Play Flappy Bird Without Android or iOS [Online]


The most trending game on Play Store and iTunes is, Flappy Bird. Scoring high on Flappy Bird has really become a challenge for a gamer. There’s been buzz around the whole social media and top blogs about the developer who wants to take down the game from Play Store and iTunes. Both Android and iOS users are in a rush now for downloading it from the respective app store. It’s been sad that Flappy Bird for Windows Phone is not yet released but still, it’s been rumored for quick release on Windows Phone as well. Let’s see how to play Flappy Bird without Android or iOS.

Flappy Bird is not a new release on the stores but they’ve been available on iTunes since May 2013 for iPhone 5. After various improvements, the game Flappy Bird has gone viral among smartphone users. It’s also been suspected that the developer of Flappy Bird has used some bots to make the app more viral on web.

Play Flappy Bird without Android

Flappy Bird will be no more

The developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen has tweeted that he will be taking down the app from the Play Store within 22 hours today at 12:32 PM IST. The below tweet is tweeted by the Flappy Bird developer.

The developer hasn’t specified any reason behind taking it from the store, but he has mentioned that he can’t take it anymore. He has also mentioned that he has no idea to sell the app for bucks as well.

While these trending news are high on air, Windows Phone users and other users who don’t use Android or iOS are not able to experience the all new Flappy Bird.

Game with no end stage

Knowing the characteristics of a user who went deep into Temple Run and Subway Surfers, Flappy Bird has been made similar to them where it has no end point for finishing the game. All you need is to, score high and show off your friends and followers your score on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Highly Challenging

The main objective of the game is to move without hitting the pipes which comes as an obstacle on the journey. The app has gone viral in few days of the launch but still, gaming experts who have gone in-depth for scoring high on Flappy Bird haven’t reached 200.

On Facebook, people have started several groups and pages for sharing the Flappy Bird scores, thereby motivating other games to play more and score high.

Play Online

Today I’m glad to share two different sources that lets you play Flappy Birds online with your desktop or laptop. You really don’t have to own a smartphone.

Flappy Bird on Scratch

There is a Scratch edition uploaded where you can play Flappy Bird online. After the page loads, you don’t even require internet connection to continue playing the game. You may check out the link below the post.

Flappy Doge

Flappy Doge is similar to the Flappy Bird but with a different character to be played with. This is developed by DogeTek using the same Flappy Bird concept. Please check the link below this post.

Are you an avid Flappy Bird gamer? Please show off your high scores below in comments. Let’s see whose score is pretty high.

Play Flappy Bird online: Scratch Project

Update (20th June 2015): Doge has been officially removed by the author and it’s currently unavailable.

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