Play Angry birds on your Friend’s Timeline – Bet them


The Game Angry Birds has become popular in everyone’s mind. Most of the Facebook users and Android users might have came to know about this game. When Rovio introduced Angry Birds in Android Mobiles, it was a fast spreading game in the Android App store. Downloads count reached high at the store.

After reaching at a good height in development, they started working for developing the same game for Facebook users. They succeeded in that and as far now, Facebook is considered to be the popular social networking site world wide, Rovio got lots of users to the game. Once I’ve got addicted to this game. A simple, yet powerful game on Facebook.

Rovio has now introduced a feature of playing Angry birds with friends. You can bet with your own friends even to the person who don’t use Facebook App to play Angry Birds. You are just supposed to Share a link on your friend’s timeline after playing a level. Your friend just clicks on the picture to start the game play. You can also play at No Deposit Codec. Your score will be shown to your friend while playing. Using that he may beat your score.

How to Play Angry Birds on Timeline?

Let me tell you. It’s simple. If you are not an Angry Bird user on Facebook, then you may authorize the App by visiting their official link

Start a Game and initiate the Play.

Complete a Level. After Playing, it shows your score. In your score box, you will have an embed option. Just click it to move to next step.

After pressing the embed option, you will be seeing a HTML code and an URL. The HTML code can be used to play on your website. If you guess, you have scored top score in a level, then you may have the HTML code in your website so that your visitors tries to beat your score.

The URL provided after the HTML code is required for letting your friend to beat your score. just copy the URL to the clipboard and paste it in your friend’s Timeline.

Allow him/her to play. Let your friend see your score and get into eager to beat your score. Happy play! Just by clicking on the picture, you friend can play the game.

I thought a different way to make my friends cheat. Yes, you can cheat in this method. See the URL carefully. Analyse it. In the above picture, &score=28750 tells my score. Specify a higher value to it and paste the link in your friend’s timeline. Now your friend will see a top score. He sees a maximum score which he can score in that level. 90 percent, a beginner doesn’t goes to such heights.

Please note that even if you specify a long value in it, the game shows the score what a person can score maximum in that level.

Have a great Play with your friends and share your thoughts here in comments.

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