Play with Alan Turing Google Doodle – Still Available


Alan Turing Google Doodle was the most interesting one and became the most popular one for mathematicians, programmers and logic lovers. I have already posted about the working principle of Alan Turing Google Doodle and was liked by many logic lovers. Some of the people didn’t understand the logic of the doodle very clearly but after reading the working principle, most of the Google users were able to complete many levels on Alan Turing Google Doodle. The awesome doodle designed by Google which was wishing Alan Turing’s 100th bitrthday.

Already,  when Google celebrated Robert Moog’s Birthday on May 23rd of this year, I posted an article on how to embed the doodle on your website. I would also like to  teach you how to embed this Alan Turing Google Doodle on your website.

The doodle was displayed only for one day, that is on June 23 of this year. Google may praise him by integrating a different doodle next year. But people liked this doodle. We can’t expect how the doodle will be on next year. People want to solve this Doodle. you may do this now. Google always archives the doodle and can be viewed at any time.

The Alan Turing’s Doodle can also be inserted in the website using the below HTML code.  People who visits your site can solve the puzzle and let them get entertained and tune their brain. The below code can be used in any website and make the users to solve the puzzle using proper logic.

I have inserted the doodle here and you can solve the doodle directly from here. I made this article because many people contacted me by asking where to find the Alan Turing Google Doodle.

This is very simple. Takes time to understand the logic but if you understand the logic and the working of the doodle, it is more easier.

Some people have already solved all the twelve levels in this. Each level will have five different binary codes to be puzzled and when you solve the first binary code, the letter ‘G’ in Google logo gets colored. When you solve each one, each letter of the Google Doodle gets colored. When the logo is fully colored, Doodle will show you a Replay and moves to the second level where you must apply logic than you did in the previous level.

How many levels did you solve? Comment below. Share your thoughts and try to top on this competitive world. I expected Google will reward for those who solve the doodle but they didn’t. I would have been nice time if they have rewarded.

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