Interest Based Posts on Facebook News Feed [Coming Soon]


Facebook is experimenting a massive change on News Feed on all devices; that is on mobile as well as desktop devices. Some of the users are now experiencing the new news feed from Facebook whereas most fo us not. It is because Facebook always launches new features batch-by-batch such that they do not encounter a massive loss of interest in users using Facebook. They test the feature by starting to a particular group of people or a specific country. This time, Facebook’s new news feed of interest based posts isn’t available to a specific country but only to particular people.

The new news feed on Facebook will work exactly like Google+. You receive posts that interest you. You can choose regarding what topics you want to show on your news feed, and Facebook will filter feeds filed under the topics that you are interested.

Facebook has changed the new feed’s way of working already, but this is the first time that Facebook’s news feed is going to be an interesting place.

Currently, you might have noticed that Facebook’s news feed is the most annoying thing that people complain. It is because Facebook’s news feed do not bring up posts that interest them but shows posts that are trending top in their circle and recent posts. For example, I do not need posts regarding movies often, and I prefer posts that say about food.

Every human has a different taste and hence Facebook should tailor them and show different feeds that interest the person. It makes a user more addictive than showing recent posts from friends.

A Twitter user has tweeted a screenshot regarding the new news feed.

The above news feed contains topics that interest that person. Sports, Food and more. Thus, this is what drives more interests in scrolling down news feeds. People are passionate about sports, and thus, they need to watch posts (includes statuses, photos, videos, links, notes) regarding them.

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