Update: Google Places is Now Google+ Local [For iOS]

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The application which Google provided to iOS used to find places is now renamed to Google+ Local. This name change includes certain features what Google Places provided and also the important one is, socializing the maps using Google+. That's why Google Places is now Google+ Local. The update is only for devices running iOS and the main reason for this is, you will find more interesting than it was Google Places. The Google+ Local is said to be faster than Google Places. More attractive Google features has been integrated in Google Places and has been renamed to Google+ Local.

Socializing the iOS app, that is, Google Places is, by integrating Google's social network, Google+, users can see friend's review of a particular place and also Zagat score alongside the user's review. This will be more helpful in going to a place. For example, when you are planning to go to a restaurant for a dinner, just view that place in Google+ Local, check for your friends reviews. If they've any negative reviews, you may choose any other restaurant for dinner. Not only a restaurant. Consider, you are planning to go for shopping. Check for the review from friends at that place. If any negative reviews like "Price is high than I expected" or "They sell low quality brands" or any such reviews, you may skip going to that place and go to a place which has positive review.

Not only your friends, you may also review a place so that your friends will be knowing about that place, whether they can get best out of it or not.


There is a buzz around us, that Google Voice is much better than Apple's Siri. Fortunately, Google Voice has been integrated in Google Places to make it Google+ Local. Voice Search will make you to search for places more easier. The best feature in Voice search is, it detects the location automatically. Consider, you are at California and just say "movie show timings". Your device will list out all theaters, movies and show timings at nearby places.

Google has improved its security for Google+ Local and the user interface is changed which is better than the previous one.

The update can be done automatically as it notifies you about the application update on your iOS powered device.

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