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Google, the Internet giant always reaches people in a special manner on special events. Not only special events, they serve better things to people with their variety of products. As an usual change, Google has changed their logo on their homepage. A special 2013 doodle is being seen on Google Homepage which wishes every Google user a very Happy New Year 2013. Google has recalled the things that had happened in the past year 2012. Most of the important and unforgettable moments like London 2012 Olympics, Felix Baumgartner's jump, and even our favorite Gangnam Style which attracted most of the people around the world.

Past may be past but they give a separate feel and awesome moment in life when they are recalled. Especially, when we recall joyful moments of the past, we will really feel better. That gives an inspiration too. We just feel very much proud when we look at our development today. Just have a minute and think of the status which you were in the previous year and now. Most of you will really feel better and satisfied to the current position compared to the past. Thinking of past is not a day dreaming. It is a mental exercise which strengthens your mind to get ready for your upcoming success stories.

Usually, when a new year grows we will have a resolution for ourselves to develop life. It is a must to take good things in hand as your resolution. Taking a resolution never matters but following it as you promised on first day of the year can be difficult. If you practice it regularly, it will become as a habit. And, eventually your resolutions will go live without even your notice. When you again take another resolution for the next year, just think what you took as a resolution the previous year. You will know yourself when you have lived your resolution or achieved your goal.

Wherever we go or whatever we do, we share stuffs. Sharing is caring! Google makes a way to share your resolution with the people around the world. Google Zeitgeist allows you to share your 2013 resolutions across the people around the world. Google won't publicly reveal your name or any other details. You resolution will be submitted and within few hours, your resolution will be mapped on the world map shown on Google Zeitgeist.

Whenever people submits or share their resolution, it will be dropped on the wold map shown. You can categorize your resolution as Love, Health, Career and more. When you share your resolution, you need to provide the country name and postal code so that your resolution will be correctly placed on the world map as per your details.

2013 resolution Google

As people say that I am getting fatter day by day, I really want to reduce my fat in the upcoming year 2013. So, now I share my resolution with the people around the world and will try my level best to fulfill my resolution.

Share your 2013 resolution with the people around the world. Head here to recall about the biggest moments in 2012 and share your 2013 resolution. Some of the resolution that appear there are interesting and inspiration for other people too. Make other people inspired by sharing your 2013 resolution.

And, I wish you everyone here a very prosperous Happy New Year 2013. Enjoy your life with CryptLife!

So, what's your resolution for 2013?  Share your comments here.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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