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Google, the internet giant and technology expert is going to introduce Google Fiber. It is nothing but a internet service from Google provided to certain cities at United States of America. The network speed is supposed to be 100 times faster the average speed of the current internet speed which you experience with your today's Internet Service Providers. Google Fiber can bring you a faster internet connection. Google has started pre registration already and still a day is left for the pre registration.

A single day is left for pre registering for Google Fiber. You may rush to and pre register for Google Fiber. When you are downloading 100 photos in approximately 10 minutes, then you can download the same in just 3 seconds. You couldn't believe? Just try Google Fiber. It's absolutely free. The whole setup includes a network box and you don't have to pay any cost for internet bills. It's absolutely free.

The construction fee along with the Network Box costs just $300 as a one time payment or you can also pay Google $25 as a 12 month payment. Google gives you three packages. Each package includes an optional add on of Chromebook which you can buy them or you can opt out. The free plan will let you to download at 5 Mbps and upload at 1 Mbps.


The second plan is $70 USD per month where the download and upload speed will be up to 1 Gbps. It includes a network box and Google Drive of 1 Terabyte Cloud space. This plan also includes the optional add on Chromebook where it is an optional choice for you to buy.

The third plan comes with a Television feature. Yes, the Google Fiber TV box allows you to watch television which behaves like an Internet TV. You may switch to other channels on your Television with your Google Nexus 7. A tablet or a mobile can be used to switch channels on any smart TV. The plan costs $120 per month. It provides a 1 Gbps internet download and upload speed. This plan includes a Storage box which you can use for storing your HD movies and play recorded from your Television.

Google Fiber Internet Speed

Google aims to provide services at its best. It doesn't want you to miss your favorite shows. The TV allows you to record up to 8 shows or plays. It provides a best High Definition videos and Television ever.

Internet is the best place to gain lot of knowledge to all age groups. Google Fiber will accelerate the speed of knowledge gaining. Fetch information from internet more faster ever you've got.

With Google Fiber, you reach a place from your source within few seconds. Just look at the picture below. You may reach Statue of Liberty, New York from Wall Street in just 12 seconds with Google Fiber whereas normally you may reach there in 20 minutes approximately.

Fast move with Google Fiber

Pre register for Google Fiber soon. Still a day more. Find whether your city can get access to Google Fiber. Share your comments about Google Fiber here.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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