Use your Computer keyboard to Play music on Moog Synthesizer: Google Doodle

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Google is one of the popular and active homepage over World Wide Web. Google changes its logo on their homepage on praising great personalities or celebrating events. Today, May 23, 2012 is celebrated to be the birthday of Robert Moog who invented this synthesizer which created wild sounds. This device is said to popularize the usage of transistors. Robert Moog (1934 to 2005) whose nickname as Bob Moog. An American pioneer in creating electronic music.
The Moog synthesizer contains a set of keys which you could see in pianos and musical keyboards. The tools like Mixer, Oscillator,  Filter and Envelope can be used for changing effects while playing music. It can be played by your computer keyboard using all your alphabets in the keyboard and symbols like [ ] \ ; . , and also the Tab key. It will be more likely to be looking like playing in a piano if you use from Tab key to backslash (\) key. The black colored keys can be accessed by using the numeric keys at the top of the keyboard except 4 and 7. The last two black colored keys can be played by using minus (-) and plus (+) keys.

Play your music. Record it and you can also share your music with friends using the link generated for your music or directly to your Google+ account. You may really love this if you are a music addict or a music player. Playing music gives a separate fun and excitement to a human. Share your music with friends and write a comment here about the feel you experienced on playing it.

Now, you may Moog's player in your website like this:

To embed Moog's player in your website, copy the below code.

Change the height and width according to your site's layout.

Watch a video of Google Doodle. Use your keyboard to play a fast or melodious song. But playing in a keyboard makes a person to feel like a real keyboard artist though he/she is a beginner or dummy player. However, this video shows just the playing of Moog Synthesiser Synthesizer in Google homepage using mouse.

[youtube tgZL0iVU7SA]

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