Google X Phone might replace Apple iPhone

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Google, a web pioneer has acquired Motorola few months ago. Google is well versed with their  Android smartphones manufactured by Samsung and other companies. Smartphone users have grown well with the popularity of Android smartphones. The next top smartphone manufacturer is Apple. Though Apple products are costlier, people loves their appearance and features built in it. They have disadvantages too but still, people buy for showing their status. Not only status show off, but they are really good. Apple fans might know how Apple products are awesome. Google, now want to replace iPhone by working with Motorola. Google X Phone might change smartphone world.

X Phone by Google might replace iPhone

Google is a fast cat in web. Motorola is one of the top mobile manufacturer. As Google combined with Motorola, there must be a chance to replace Apple iPhone with X Phone. Google and Motorola seems to have some obstacles in making X Phone. Google, as they always want to serve people, they need to provide smartphones with reasonable price. Most of the Google products which are available now doesn't seem to have higher prices. Most of the services offered by Google are absolutely free on web.

Motorola and Google is working hard to bring a new milestone to the smartphone world. When Google acquired Motorola, they already said that Android will be functioning as it is and Motorola will be creating their own innovative smartphones. Smartphones usually have disadvantages like Battery backup. May be, Google X Phone might come up with extended battery life. It seems that the recent product, Motorola Droid Razr HD have more battery performance than Samsung galaxy S3.

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Do you think, Google X Phone might come up well in the market? Google have got success in most of their products but not all. Share your valuable below in comments.

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