Google Search Redesigned in a New View : Left Sidebar Removed

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Google, which is an internet giant works every day to bring out a better search experience. The most prominent thing in Google is, they update their services regularly just to make their users to stay on theirs. Have you ever heard anyone using phrases like "Search on the web"? It' really rare. People say "Google it!". The reason is, Google has provided greater and faster services to the people for searching information on web. Google Search is found to be redesigned. Not totally, the layout of Google Search page is altered.

Google Search Tools Filter Option New Interface

The search options which was available at the left side of the search results page has been moved to top of the page and below the search box. This change has made the Google Searcher to easily change the search settings and also, a user is able to filter the search results more easily than ever. Google has made this change on Image Search too. Now, while you search images on Google, the results page can contain large number of picture in a page. Due to the effect of removal of left sidebar, more images appear in a single page. This has enabled a user to find a required image with few scrolls if needed. At most of the times, a user don't have to go for more than 2 pages for a required image. We get a best picture in first page itself. Google's Search Algorithm is in such a way that it will bring out best images for your search keywords.


Google Search Results new Layout

At present, Google has not implemented this change in all Google Search sites. That is, the change is seen only on and not on or or any Google site which has country based domain. Just Google something on and find how the change appears for you and share us your comments about the change. Do you feel more comfortable with the changes made? And, are you able to easily filter the search results than ever?

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  • Vitalijus says:

    Stupid desicion! Please back toolbar in left side!

  • Zack says:

    I strongly disagree that this is easier. For example, most searches I make I then filter by time range. This interface change means 3 clicks instead of 1. That is really quite significant and noticeable. Before, the options were there to quickly filter results. Now, we have to go through various 'steps'.

    On another note, the stat for "number of results found" now doesn't show. No idea why this was taken away as it was a great way to gauge how narrow you'd made your search.

    Yes, image searching looks and feels better, but overall this is Google making it harder to filter results. This gives the original search results a higher value by placing more control over the user. Sorry to be the cynic, but more steps isn't easier and I don't know how you can say it is.

  • Richard says:

    I agree with Vitalijus, stupid decision ! Instead of a simple side bar I now have three horizontal toolbars which reduces the numbers of googled items. It's probably okay if you have a large screen, but on my laptop it is not "userfriendly".
    Looking forward how to restore the old side bar.