Google Apps verification Troubleshoot: IndiaGetOnline

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IndiaGetOnline is a free website service for Indian business people who do small business in the country. A collaboration with HostGator by Google has made the Indian business people to register a new site for their business. It offers a Top Level Domain (TLD) which really ranks the site in Google search results at top. By this, the products offered by the company goes more exposed in the World Wide Web.

To register in IndiaGetOnline, you will need to enter PAN card number which is a one time requirement and it is required for the individual's resident status in India. The registration doesn't require any credit card or debit card process as it is absolutely free for the first year. To continue for further years, you must upgrade to normal HostGator plans under their premium pack.

The site is neither managed using a file manger nor by a platform, but users are supposed to use a website builder to build the site. Predefined themes and Layouts are available for constructing a website. Though it is a free service for one year, it offers services like Google Apps, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Adwords and also a feature to submit the URL to Google. Adsense feature can be availed only if the site attains the minimum requirements for signing up Adsense. It provides Rs. 2500 free Google Adwords credits which enables your business to promote on Google search results or other Google Advertisement banners.

Most of the users have now created complaints for getting a Google Apps account. This problem was created due to a tutorial described on the Control Panel of their website. Google Apps, as to verify the domain, it needs to verify the site ownership by uploading a HTML file, Google Analytics code, TXT verification, CNAME verification, MX Records etc. but CNAME or MX Records are not shown to us if we get a site using IndiaGetOnline. That's one of the disadvantage. In the description given in the dashboard says to choose the TXT verification method and asks to paste the code to verify it. Whatever code we paste, it shows a success message but actual verification process by the Google Apps is not seen. I mean, Google Apps cannot check the verification status.

IndiaGetOnline also uses an ability to upload files like images, music and other stuffs related to your business site. It can hold up to 5 GB of uploaded data. To verify the ownership in the Google Apps, just select the method to upload a HTML code. Ignore the description given in the Dashboard of IndiaGetOnline site. Download the verification file from Google Apps and Upload to your free website, so to do this, you have some steps here.

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  • Log in to your account using
  • Under Manage Your Website section, click Edit Website to launch Website builder.
  • Click on Media tab which will be available in the left sidebar. Click Add to upload the verification file supplied by Google Apps.
  • Now always check that your verification can be approved by Google Apps or not. Just navigate to:
    See whether you get a Google verification code or a template based page. If you get a verification code, then you have succeeded in verifying the ownership.
  • Now it's time for you to press Verify button on Google Apps.


After verification, voila! it's time for you to get a new email address of their domain which offers more than 7 GB of mail storage for a user. If you have any queries, you can share it in comments.

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  • Amrit Singh says:

    Hey when i choose to open that upload option of file it doesnot show me that html file to get updloaded,that is that html files cant be uploaded in this new site templates,but those freaky indiagetonline persons never care for such things

    • Arjun says:

      It won't show up when you browse for files. You have to manually type the address of the file in the File Name Text box. Example, if you have the google apps verification file (google7db2c5f5d0cba40a.html or whatever) in C: then you may type C:\google7db2c5f5d0cba40a.html in the File name text box when you are supposed to choose files for upload. This works well.

  • vidya says:

    I can't verify my site.Still having problems!Anybody pls help me.

    • Arjun says:

      Sure. Download the verification file from Google Apps and upload it to your site as I have shown in the above pictures and steps. Remember that, when you upload the HTML file, please specify the full address of the file location in the File name text box. The HTML file will not be visible when you browse for files. After uploading check with is working. When it works fine, go back to the Google Apps account and click on verify the site. you're done!

  • Parth says:

    I cant verify my mX server

  • rahul says:

    still not verified... your method is not working 😛

    • Arjun says:

      It works dude! I will tell the method briefly in this comment.
      1) Download the verification file from Google Apps.
      2) Got to Edit My website in Hostgator Dashboard.
      3) In the sidebar, you'll be finding 'Add' in the 'Media' Tab. there, just upload the verification file you've downloaded.
      4) When you browse for file, you won't be seeing HTML files. So, in this case, specify the full address of the verification file.

      Example: If google7db2c5f5d0cba40a.html is your verification file and if it is placed in your C: drive, then specify as C:\google7db2c5f5d0cba40a.html

      5) After uploading, verify your link: If this link shows the verification code, then you may move to next step.

      6) Now click on Verifiy button on Google Apps. your site will be verified.

      I am happy to help you. Please let me know, in which step you mess up.

  • kakaru korn says:

    I did everything as various suggestions above.The Problem is that the site is not published. It's not showing up online. Due to this , it is unable to verify. . I tried this after 6 days of creating my site on IndiaGetOnline. It really sucks. Anyone could help me regarding this? Please help!!!



    • Arjun says:

      If you have registered your domain properly and still you get error, then you may contact the Customer Care of IndiaGetOnline. Hope, HostGator will connect to IndiaGetOnline Department after you called the Customer Care.

      • Dave says:

        Hi Arjun,

        It's really sucking man..I've got the confirmation code once on my home page but it's still saying that 'Your verification file was not found' while clicking on 'Verify'..i tried clearing the cache and everything...I feel you can help me out with this man..could you please do that for me?

        I tried calling the customer care many times.. they just kept me waiting with some funny music in the background. Also, is there any other mean with which we can verify the site easily?

        Thanks in Adavance!

        • Arjun says:

          Dave, Download the verification code and upload using the Media Option of your Site builder. You can't directly upload the verification file as the window won't show the .html file. Therefore, you need to specify the whole path in the File name text box. For example, if the file is present in Downloads of your D drive, then you need to type D:\Downloads\googleXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.html. Just provide this address and hit enter. The file will be uploaded.

          Once you have uploaded successfully, check whether is working. If it works, then you can hit verify in Google Apps Verification Page.

  • sumit says:

    Sir My Problem is same google is not verify
    plz solve my problem i m already doing ur steps but it is not working sir

  • Aman Tibrewal says:

    Thanks in lots... It worked for me 🙂 🙂

  • Aravnid says:

    Hey Arjun,
    Like many others here, It says the website is published but when I visit, it does not load, says server not found, which means the site is not published. Any help?

    • Arjun says:

      That happens sometimes for me too. It works fine sometimes but many times, it does not. But I think, it works perfectly with www at the start of the URL. May be your site is new and I think it takes time to configure fully.

  • abhilasha gupta says:

    indiagate hosting only html sites..