Google+ Shut Down - A Nightmare For Well-Grown Communities

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Social media platforms are the most important part of internet that helps connecting with people around the web. A lot of social media have come up and fallen in a short period of time. This is not a new thing for Google. The Google+ shut down is not much heart breaking. Google has already tried out Orkut, Google Friend Connect, Buzz before they launched Google+. The very beginning of the Google+ was very successful that it even believed as a competitor to another giant on social media, Facebook. By the end of August 2019, the consumer version of Google+ will be shut down.

Google+ Shut Down

Initial Growth

Google+ was able to achieve 25 million sign-ups in just about a month. Even Facebook had only grown to 1 million users at the end of 2004 when it was launched. Google+ made a huge leap by having a whooping 90 million users in the year end. Although the growth rate was very high, if we ask a question whether the users are active or not, the question is still no. As Google being the internet giant for a long time since its launch of search engine, it became easy for the company to market the other products. Facebook was a budding company which had the social network as their only product.

Reason Behind Google+ Shut down

Google+ People API had a serious bug where an attacker could take out several user data rapidly. Google had already fixed the bug found in the API on March 2018, however, was silent since then and today the company announces that the Google+ shut down is due to data leakage of 500,000 users. That is really a huge number. This was due to the result of 438 applications that used this API was used by the people. Google also have no evidence if the data was misused by the developers.

Mark Zuckerber's Comment to Google+ during Launch

On observing the rapid growth of Google+, everyone were eager enough to cehck if Google+ might defeat the Facebook at any point of time. Thus, Facebook's CEO - Mark Zuckerberg was asked to comment on the growth of Google+. Mark Zuckerberg said thatthere are a lot of competitors for Facebook and a social media company should focus on improving the social graphs. This is completely true. Google+, however had a rapid growth, the active users were very less. Google has stated that the 90% of active sessions on Google+ are less than 5 seconds which is pretty much less for a corporate and world class company like Google.

No More +1

Google+ introduced a new concept of liking the posts or links on the social media. The +1 concept was different and some users on Facebook were also commenting "+1" instead of hitting on Facebook's "Like" button. After the shut down, all +1 fans will really be missing the button.

Best Contact Organizer

Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ was having the best method to organize contacts. It's called "circles" and a mass select followed by a drag and drop will simply put people into specific circles. Even Facebook did not have such a way to organize contacts. When we hear such news, its really hard to digest for people who have already formed groups with like-minded people on Google+. It is hard to find people everywhere. If you are one of the organizer of a community on Google+, it hurts a lot to start another community on a different platform and invite all people over there.

What's Next After Google+ Shut Down?

Google has reportedly announced that it is going to focus on corporate social media that something which may come up soon, like a Slack? The company never gives up and always works hard to bring up products that people find useful.

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