Gmail rolls out translation features for Email messages


Google has recently rolled out feature for translating Email messages on Gmail. The messages that are written in foreign languages can be translated to your mother tongue or other language which you know. The new feature is powered by Google translate which is a product of Google Labs.

Most of the products in Google Labs has not got popular but Google translate is an important feature for everyone”™s life to understand foreign conversations/messages.

When you receive an Email message which contains text of different language, then Google translate feature helps you to understand them easily by translating to your common lingual language. You”™ll be seeing a bar at the top of the message for translation. Click Translate message to get translated your message.

If you are well versed in certain type of language and if you don”™t want translate feature for a particular language, you can very well turn off translation for that language, specifically.
After the introduction of translate feature for Facebook statuses from Bing, people felt this as a good feature for Email messages in Gmail from Google. People can easily understand any messages sent by any country people.

Now-a-days, people have started to convey something in French or some other language so as to make a picture or a video that was posted on social sites a beautiful or to make a caption to look different. For example, one of my friend, posted a picture on my Facebook Timeline with a caption “me gusta” which means “I like” in Spanish. I liked the caption “me gusta” because it was looking different and nice to me. Not only that, most of the people commented the same “me gusta”. It had a See translation button after the text.

But coming to the Google Translate which was empowered in Gmail, it doesn”™t looks so funny but looks professional. He/She doesn”™t need to Copy the entire message and paste it in a translator site for translation separately. He/She is now enabled to view the message directly as a translated one from his own inbox.

Well, what are your thoughts about this feature from Google?

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